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lcd flat screen monitor problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by RB, May 17, 2005.

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  1. RB

    RB Guest

    My ProView Model 780 flat screen LCD monitor
    quit one day while being used.

    The 12v supply is still good, and getting to the monitor, as indicated
    by the little green LED lite on the power switch on the front.

    A guy in this group helping me said a common failure mode in these is a very
    fuse inside the case. Makes sense. I was going to check this fuse,
    and attempted to take the monitor apart to gain access. Then, I got
    interrupted and had to focus on other things. I'm now back to the
    monitor project.

    I got the back of the case off, no problem. But, I didn't spot
    anything that was obviously a fuse at that point. So, I assumed I
    would need to lift up the board at the bottom, and maybe even the LCD

    Anyone know where the fuse is likely to be, and what things I'll have
    to take apart to find it?
  2. Guest

    The fuses (plural) in question are on the backlight inverter board.
    They will be surface mount fuses that are approximately 0.062-.125
    inches long. Each backlight inverter circuit on the board (count the
    transformers) will probably have a fuse on the power line going to that
    part of the circuit. If any of the inverters does not run, the whole
    thing shuts down.

    Most of the monitors will restart the inverters during screen
    resolution change, and you may see a short flash of video for less than
    a second. This is the common symptom when one of the inverter fuses
    opens up on a multi-inverter, multi-lamp unit.

    If you are not equipped and experienced working with the ultra small
    surface mount components, you may want to practice and get the correct
    soldering iron tip and solder for the job.
  3. RB

    RB Guest

    Thanks very much. That is good info, and I can use it.

    In addition, I need to know if those fuses will be visible just by taking
    the back off the monitor case? Or, will I have to lift up some circuit
    boards at the bottom of the screen?

    Sounds like maybe the fuses will be visible just by removing the back of the
  4. Fozj

    Fozj Guest

    The fuses (plural) in question are on the backlight inverter board
    How can I determine the amperage size of these small fuses?
    TThanks Fo
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