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LCD display hookup to x86 motherboard ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by bad_knee, Jul 31, 2003.

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  1. bad_knee

    bad_knee Guest

    I am trying to figure out a way to hook up an lcd
    display (kinda like this one
    to an x86 motherboard and I dont know how.

    It seems that some of these displays are parallel and some are serial.
    Does that mean you just solder some wires from the parallel or serial
    port of the motherboard to certain inputs on the display and then
    some ascii out the parallel or serial port, and *bam* you got a text

    Are most of these LCD / VFD components pretty much the same as far
    as ripping one out of an old Microwave oven to use (VFDs are
    expensive!) ?

    What are the advantages of the serial over a parallel LCD/VFD, or
    vice versa?

    Thanks for your time!

    and go to circuits, its got a parallel port -> Hitachi HD44780-compatible
    LCD (most of them I believe?) I cannot vouch for that particular design but
    it looks ok and I have made a few similar ones, they work a charm apart from
    from obviously tying up the parallel port...
  3. A E

    A E Guest

    There isn't enough information there to know what you want...
    WHY would you solder anything to a motherboard?
    Microwave ovens use VFDs that have special display icons and are probably custom
    made for each model.
    Usually, if you have a serial VFD module, you get a RS-232 serial cable, hook
    it up to a MAX232 level converter and drive the VFD with that.
    I have a Noritake unit that needs 3 pins for everything, ground, 5V and serial
    in. Check out those guys.
  4. bad_knee

    bad_knee Guest

    Parallel is easier for me to program as well, so that is good. Thank you
    for the link. With that information, at least I know it is possible to work
    with x86.

  5. bad_knee

    bad_knee Guest

    Usually, if you have a serial VFD module, you get a RS-232 serial cable, hook
    Thank you for the info.
  6. bad_knee

    bad_knee Guest

    well, just an update for anyone interested.

    I went to and bought
    a 632 model serial LCD display. I forgot to order the serial cable for it
    but if you go to radio shack and get two female db9 connectors, you
    can make your own. (for around $3 bucks)

    The 632 has a backlight which needs 5v of juice from the power supply.
    You can get 5 volts from a floppy power connector, as well as ground for
    the backlight. Otherwise, the only other connections you need are on
    the db9.

    The display doesn't light up until you open the serial port. I was
    a little concerned at first because nothing came on when I fired up
    the computer.

    It's just a matter of feeding the right ASCII control codes over the
    open serial port to talk to the display. It's pretty slick and the whole
    adventure has cost under $50 bucks. Including the OS (Linux) :D
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