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LCD dimensions?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by martin griffith, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Are there any standards for hole fixing, display area etc?

    I just remember getting burnt a few years ago on a 2 line by 8, not
    into the graphic ones , just the 1 and 2 liners.

  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    No, but there _is_ a lot of competition, so pretty much everybody
    makes what everybody else makes as far as the character display is
    Yup. Sometimes the location of the I/O will be different, sometimes
    it'll be a single row header instead of double row, etc., etc.

    Getting the data sheet, up front, with a dimensioned drawing will
    prevent a lot of heartburn. :)
  3. You jest?

    Yeah, I know about the "dimensions", it took me hours to figure out
    densitron displays, for the CNC mob.

    Then there is the other problem, COTS plastic enclosures, they cut
    out a nice little hole for a display, but never tell you which damn
    display they sized it on, no mounting pillars either ! grr^2

  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    Not at all.

    The last time I did a project with an LCD I found all the electrical
    and dimensional data on the web .
    LOL, me too, although my CNC mob is _moi_ :)

    As I recall, Densitron's drawings (even though the data is all
    there) require a lot of addition and subtraction to get to the
    important stuff.
    Yup. I lucked out unbelievably once, when I had a client who wanted
    to drive a bunch of white LEDs (but varying numbers of them) from
    the mains and I found an affordable wall-wart shell supplier who'd
    sell me onesies, into which all the circuitry could be stuffed, for
    less than an arm or a leg. About 5 bucks each, qty 10, as I recall.
  5. mpm

    mpm Guest

    You are making the mother of all assumptions here!!
    Do don't actually believe they had an LCD display in-hand when they
    made that hole??!

    As for uniformity and continuing availability, here's one good reason
    to keep those old Digikey and Mouser catalogs around. (?)

    Parts with long history and product lifetimes, ones that show up year-
    after-year, with multiple sources, are probably good bets. And a
    phone call to the manufacturer to confirm it as a "best seller" is
    also good insurance.

    Also, cheap (less $$) parts tend to live longer. IMO.

    One last thing, even if straight row pinout, don't expect uniformity.
    For example, the 16x2 (Digikey# 67-1781-ND / Lumex LCM-S01602DTR/M)
    is a classic example of A) the pins not being in the "normal" place
    relative to the screen position, and B) the pinout not being the same
    as all the other millions of characters LCD's we've seen in our

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