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LCD computer display backlighting

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tom Hotaling, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Tom Hotaling

    Tom Hotaling Guest

    I have a Dell LCD monitor where the back lighting has quit. With the
    right lighting I can still make out the screen so the digital display
    seems fine, just no back lighting.

    Any one have any experience with one of these, Dell specific or
    generic. I looked through the SamG faq's but nothing jumped out at me.

  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    Dell normaly does not sell service parts to no authorised service reps
    for their products. There are no published service manuals for these
    monitors that are able to be purchased by their non authorized service

    Common causes are the back plane lamps, and their ballast supply. It is
    recomended practice to change the lamps and ballast at the same time.

    If you call Dell they will tell you where to send the monitor for
    proper service. Most of these monitors are sold with a three year
    pro-rated warranty. You should enquire about this.

    There are no generic parts that I know of.

    Some of the lower end monitors have the back light system built in to
    the display, and are not serviceable. In this case the complete panel
    has to be replaced.

    We found that in most cases, when there were failures in these monitors
    when out of warranty, it was more feasible to replace the monitor.

    Jerry G.
  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Surface mount fuses ( often 2A ) fail on inverter boards for no good reason.
    Driver chips and drive transistors fail. CCFLs fail, though usually just
    one, but some inverters will shut down with one tube failed. Tubes are
    available on the net, as are inverter boards, but original problem can often
    be fixed. Look for the fuse first. You might strike lucky.

  4. Jim Land

    Jim Land Guest

    If it turns out you need to replace the lamps and/or the inverter, look
    here for DIY info:

    There are also companies that will replace the parts for you, such as:

    (Disclaimer: I haven't done business with any of these companies.)
  5. tomh

    tomh Guest

    Thanks all for the tips/advice. This was a freebe I got from a friend
    and it's old enough to be out of warranty. I got it to tinker with. I'll
    look for blown fuses and bad drivers, etc, and it's definitely a back
    lights separate from the screen. To do any serious troubleshooting I'll
    need to lengthen the wires from the PCB to the lights. There on a real
    short leash. I'll keep y'all posted as to what I find. I suspect a lot
    of LCD's hit the trash due to failed back lighting.

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