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Layout interview

Discussion in 'CAD' started by john, May 5, 2006.

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  1. john

    john Guest


    I have an interview coming up in a month regarding layout or printed
    circuit board designer. I need to prepare for the interview. I have a
    two year experience of working with Orcad capture and OrCAD layout
    plus. Can anybody adivce me that how and what to prepare for the
    interview. any web site, FAQ, books, literature . Thanks John
  2. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

  3. Guest

    hi, john.
    i have books to send u , but i need your email

    2 years experienc of working with capture and layout is enough i guest.

    collect your works and mak them as a book
    try writing yourself higlihghts of conclusion, tips and patents you saw
    in this two years

    learn on pcb proccessing and manufacturing process

    search for diffrent methods of manufacturing

    i mean dont try to learn a new stuff , just organize all your
    experience u have

    anyway , there is a lot of sites dealing this subject just search them
    on web

    try going to some library or university library and learn there

    i had downloaded my ebooks by emule and bittorren programs, i have many
    hardcopies, so tell me what subject r u interested and i'll scan my
    hardcopies i have

    i wish u all success, and let me know how is doing
  4. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    If you really have two years experience, what's to study up for ???

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  5. qrk

    qrk Guest

    1. Bring a portfolio. Show the best of your work. Pictures of
    products, sample schematics (make sure they are complex enough to show
    that you have artistic balance), and sample plots of pcb stackups.
    Actual PC boards are also good.

    2. Know the lingo of the industry. If Orcad is your only experience,
    you might want to look through a few PCB books or program manuals.

    3. Know how the boards are manufactured and what that means to you as
    the designer.

    4. Don't wear cologne or perfume!!!! It makes a bad impression when
    the interviewer needs bleach to remove the stench from their hands
    (it's happened on a number of occasions) and air out the conference
  6. Robert

    Robert Guest

    The IPC Web site's got some good material on it. After you sort through
    quite a bit else.

    And I've always liked PCB Libraries

  7. Guest

    by the way, i think you shuld know that orcad company isn't exist
    anymore because it was bought by cadence.

    i was asked about problems i had in layouting , and how did i overcome

    you can search on EMI and RFI phenomenas,

    grounding and shding tricks.

    uses of zero ohms resistors to separate analog and digital sources

    there are many more...
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