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Layers in protel

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Ico Doornekamp, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    Can somebody tell me if protel SE 99 is able to display semi-transparent or
    translucent layers in the PCB editor ? And is there a quick way to hide/show
    layers ?


  2. Ico,
    Yes you can display transparent layers. There is a checkbox
    somewhere on either the "O"ption, "P"reference menu or the
    "O"ptions, "B"oard menu. It may be on the Preferences - Display
    tab that can also be reached through "O"ptions, "D"isplay.

    Turning layers on and off, it can be done with minor
    customizing and assigning processes to a button or hot-key
    (haven't done it myself for layers but it is quite simple to
    customize processes. Without writing scripts.) . To be efficient
    you would probably want to program keys or buttons to enable and
    disable multiple layers at one time. However what is cumbersome
    about O, L and clicking layers on and off, then hit Enter.
  3. Thanks, found it. I just started doing PCB design a few days ago, so it's quite
    overwhelming finding all the options etc...
    Not really cumbersome, but I'd like to have a few single keystrokes for just
    displaying only top- and bottom layers for example. I'll look into the
    customization, thanks for the help,

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