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lawn tractor switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by D, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. D

    D Guest

    I have a new John Deere lawn tractor.
    I like the tractor but it's got this annoying
    safety switch system that will not let you backup
    unless you disengage blade and further you cannot
    get off the tractor with the engine running to move
    something even if the blade is disengaged and the
    trans is in neutral.
    So I jumpered the seat switch and now I can get
    off the tractor with it running but it won't let me
    engage the blade without shutting off the engine.
    The blade engagement has a switch also but I'm
    starting to get a little confused as to how jumpering
    the seat switch (which to me is the same as sitting on it)
    would affect the blade engagement???
    Any suggestions? Sincerely caged in by idiot protections
  2. Chris Dugan

    Chris Dugan Guest

    Sounds like there's some kind of logic circuit there or a relay that cuts
    power to the blade actuator when the seat is unloaded. Why not fit an
    extension lead and mount a toggle switch on the dash rather than jumper the
    seat switch, then you'll still have that protection; just under manual

    I can understand the logic behind the system... fall off the mower and it
    tips over; you coming the seat off cuts power to the blade so you don't get
    mangled. Just don't sue them if it does eat your fingers as you've bypassed
    the safety system.

  3. Bill

    Bill Guest

    If it's like my JD tractor you can disengage the blade, set the
    parking brake and then get off the tractor without the thing cutting
    As for backing up with the blade engaged, mine has a little yellow
    push button on the dash that you can push as you go into reverse and
    it will allow you to go backwards with the blade engaged.

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