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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Alan, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Alan

    Alan Guest

    We Beat Best Buy & Circuit City Sale Prices !
    Out Of State Shipments Are Sales Tax Free !
    In Business 22 Years, License Posted On Website !
    All Models Factory Sealed New Full USA Warranty!*** LATEST TV MODEL PRICES BELOW ***
    B=Best Buy; C=Circuit City; A=Our Price.
    Panasonic TC17LA1 B=$900 C=$850 A=$689
    Panasonic CT36SL13 B=N/A C=$900 A=$747
    Panasonic TC20LA1 B=$1300 C$1225 A=$950
    Panasonic PT47WX53 B=$1500 C=$1500 A=$1063
    Panasonic CT36HL43 B=N/A C=$1525 A=$1090
    Panasonic PT53WX53 B=$1700 C=$1700 A=$1171
    Panasonic TC22LH1 B=N/A C=$1900 A=$1417
    Panasonic PT53WXD63 B=N/A C=$1850 A=$1584
    Panasonic PT50LC13 B=$3300 C=$3300 A=$2100
    Panasonic PT50LCX63 B=N/A C=N/A A=$2646
    Panasonic PT60LCX63 B=N/A C=N/A A=$3426
    Panasonic TH37PA20UP B=N/A C=$4000 A=$2676
    Panasonic TH42PA20UP B=N/A C=$4500 A=$3011
    Panasonic TH42PX20UP B=$6500 C=$6500 A=$4349
    Panasonic TH50PX20UP B=$9000 C=$9000 A=$6095
    Philips 34PW850H B=$1500 C=N/A A=$1268
    Philips 55PW9363 B=$1800 C=N/A A=$1298
    Philips 32FD9954 B=$4000 C=N/A A=$2825
    Philips 42FD9954 B=$5000 C=N/A A=$4002
    Pioneer PDP4330HD B=N/A C=$6700 A=$4498
    Pioneer PDP5031HD B=$7500 C=$9000 A=$5875
    RCA D52W20 B=N/A C=$1500 A=$1214
    Sharp LC20B4US B=$1200 C=$1125 A=$926
    Sharp LC37HV4U B=$6000 C=N/A A=$4120
    Viewsonic N2000 B=$1100 C=N/A A=$853
    Viewsonic N2700W B=$2500 C=N/A A=$1889
    Zenith P42W34 B=N/A C=$3150 A=$2850
    *Guaranteed Shipping Available Anywhere In USA!
    ++ We Also Carry Professional Video Equipment ++
    Credentials & License Links Posted On Our Website!For latest sale pricing please see our above website.
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