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Latest/available & recommended MP3 Encoder/Decoder

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tom, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Afternoon All

    Before I get shot at, I know this must have been asked before, but I
    seem to find posts mainly for MAS 3587 and there must be newer,
    alternative chips by now, and reading the last 2000 posts in anything
    up to about 10 groups is not really a feasible solution.


    I was originally looking at the VS1001 MP3 decoder chip, however the
    scope of the project may well be changing such that I need to be able
    to encode too. I can either do this through seperate chips or one
    capable of both jobs. Control of the chip(s) and access to and from
    something like an SD/MMC card is intended using a PIC.

    The solution needs to have a fairly good rate, ie telephone quality is
    not sufficient, and it needs to be cheap and available in small
    quantities. Its a small company, we don't have the need (yet) for
    10000 chips!

    I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts, on any aspect of this.

  2. mpm

    mpm Guest

    Atmel offers a few 8051-based microcontrollers with MP3 capabilities.
    Perhaps a review of their products would prove worthwhile?


  3. oopere

    oopere Guest

    You also have the STA013 available (it is not new -and I have observed
    some misbehavings also)

  4. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    Are you interested in audio only or do you need video? Audio at low end
    hi-fi requires about 250 kbits/s, that is in reach of several small up/uc
    class devices.
  5. Tom

    Tom Guest

    I'm not interested in video, audio only, to be honest stereo isn't
    really needed, but no point excluding that.

    There is a fair chance music will need to be handled, but the
    immediate projects would suffice at FM levels.

    The Atmel is a possible solution, however I was kind of hoping to use
    a PIC (which I roughly know) to control a self contained unit via
    somthing like the SPI bus. I'm a Java coder during the day, the
    company that this project is for is not computer literate, they
    already have PIC's and associated hardware, so I'd rather not add an
    extra complexity there and I'd be happy not having to learn another
    language set at the moment. There's enough of them bouncing around in
    my head at the moment!

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