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Latching trouble output for PC5010

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Ian Macky, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Ian Macky

    Ian Macky Guest

    Looks like the PGM 09 System Trouble output on the PC5010 is
    non-latching (unlike PGM 10 System Event which *is* latched).

    Can someone recommend a simple 12VDC solution to latch PGM 09
    until reset? Latching relays typically use a second coil to
    unlatch (which has to be energized), but I'd like to use PGM 03
    (currently used for latching fire alarms) to reset the PGM 09
    latch and that means I'd want to reset when the voltage is
    *dropped*, which is not what most latching relays want.

    There's probably a way to do this so trivial I can't see it.


  2. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Did you try the latching strobe option? That should latch until reset.

    Jim Rojas
  3. Ian Macky

    Ian Macky Guest

    Not sure what you mean. What "latching strobe option"? The word
    "strobe" only occurs in the PC5010 installation manual in reference
    to strobe lights, and for PGM 10, Latched System Event. I want to
    latch PGM 09, System Trouble.

  4. TH

    TH Guest

    connect the pgm (09) to a 24 hr zone and then use another pgm for (10).
  5. Ian Macky

    Ian Macky Guest

    hi, thanks for answering.....

    no, that's what i had i mind, a self-latching relay, i'm just having
    trouble with the specifics. ancientness....... d'oh!

    don't i need a relay with two input coils?

    yes, two output poles: one for the light, the other to keep the coil
    energized (through resettable power source PGM 03).

    but a normal relay has only a single input coil, which i would be wiring
    to one of the programmable outputs (set to 09, system trouble).

    how could you connect the second pole to the same input coil? you'd be
    applying 12VDC to the PC5010 output when the relay latched then, no?

    seems like two input coils and two poles would be perfect, but i could
    not find such a beast. much gnashing of indexes was there.

    thanks again...

  6. Ian Macky

    Ian Macky Guest

    ....*without* using up a zone?
  7. Ian Macky wrote
    Here's a diagram of how to make a dpdt relay latch:
  8. Fosa

    Fosa Guest

    Altronics 6062 timer relay can be used to latch and reset by disconnecting
  9. Fosa

    Fosa Guest

    Sorry that should read "Altronix". If that relay doesn't work then I am sure
    they have one that will.
  10. Ian Macky

    Ian Macky Guest


    I looked, but could not find. "one of the pages" was not much of a hint.
    There are > 100 pages with keyword "relays", and neither of the references
    to "latching" was it.
    There's no such group as alt.binaries, just various sub-groups. So, not
    sure what you mean. Is this JPG on your site? Can you post the URL to it?

    Thanks much....

  11. Ian Macky

    Ian Macky Guest

    ah, i finally found someplace that carried it. seems pretty obscure,
    not even google indexes it.
    thanks much. what i was missing was the magic of the diode.........

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