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[Last Gas Station] Fire from Saltwater

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Guest


    * Thank You
    * Workbench Edition
    * Man in U.S. Discovers how to make fuel from Saltwater fuel while
    seeking a cure for cancer
    * Send in Tech info
    * Blog Host Maintenance

    This Week at the Last Gas Station:

    1. Thank you to people who have contributed articles and other
    info, I sure hope you'll begin posting directly to the blog.I will
    take things out of the comment section and make them more visible.
    2. This weeks edition from the Workbench begins the process of
    describing Social Intentionality, starting with the way we form
    institutions. The blog post from this video is from 06/28/2007 and is
    titled "WE LIVE IN A CHANGED WORLD, but we forgot to think about it".
    It gets into more detail. Next week I will touch on Establishments v.
    Institutions, and begin looking into how the pro-business lobby has
    gone asleep. That being said, I also posted in the article section a
    report that Banks in the US rate 2nd in Green Ethics for 06'-07'. (But
    there are plenty of people who need a little saltwater lit under
    them). CRITICAL MASS IS IMMINENT, more on that next week.
    3. There is a link in the header post to a video of News Story of a
    cancer researcher who discovered how to ignite saltwater with radio
    waves while seeking a way to use radio waves to destroy cancer cells
    to cure his wife. It burns at 1300 degrees and you can find the stuff
    all over the place.. you can even make it in your kitchen, saltwater..
    ever hear of it? (Thanks, Sunny)
    4. Send me some tech info.If you are doing research and would like
    to share it, that is what I'm really all about. I am a cheerleader for
    the efforts that people are making to solve our energy and related
    issues. In fact, all my heroes are geeks and nerds. You are my heroes/
    heroines. I am recently indexed and the blog is starting to show up in
    searches. You can always help yourself to my outreach efforts.
    5. Typepad, the company who hosts my blog is going to be doing
    maintenance from 12am PST to 2am PST Saturday morning. So, if you are
    on the other side of the planet, or an insomniac, you might have to
    revisit the site a couple of times.

    As always,

    your Devoted Attendant,

    Robert Run
  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 15:16:03 -0000, ""

    Crikey! Another bastard sired by the pimp for his mother ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
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