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Laser writer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    How many watts is the laser device inside a laser printer on?
    And in later LED variants ..?
  2. Milliwatts, but the fuser uses a heater (often a halogen tube)
    that chews hundreds of watts while it's on.
    There is no such thing.
  3. John_H

    John_H Guest

    Laser printers use low-power devices - nothing fancy, no heat sinks. The
    real power in laser printers is in the Optical PhotoConductor which is
    charged with a uniform, high voltage static charge which - when exposed to
    light - discharges to ground leaving spots for toner to transfer or not to
    transfer. The LED heads are similarly weak devices.
  4. I was wrong - though LED printers work differently - no spinning mirror.
  5. Guest

    Althought they have a output power too ;)

    I heard there are lasers that use a horisontal lcd array to print,..?
  6. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello John,

    The fuser is the real power hog in them. My previous laser was on 240V
    so I didn't notice. The one I bought on Monday runs off 120V and every
    time the fuser turns on my desk lamp dims a little. Annoying but I'll
    get used to that. Luckily I can set the fall-back to sleep mode to 5mins
    so it'll quit doing that shortly after a print job.

    Regards, Joerg
  7. I just picked up a LaserJet 1320 for $300 to replace my 15 year old IIIP
    that still works ok, it's just way too slow (4ppm). The 1320 uses
    something called "instant on technology" or something like that. This
    is their fancy name for "the fuser gets hot really, really fast". It
    cools completely down when you aren't printing, so there's no heat,
    noise or dimming house lights until you actually print. First page out
    from cold start in 8 seconds, not too shabby considering that 3 of those
    seconds is the fused paper actually coming out. The clincher for me was
    the built in duplexer. The roaring fans running for three minutes after
    printing one page really sux, but I'll learn to live with it. ;-)

    BTW, by chance I also picked up some "Navigator" (
    24lb "inkjet" paper that rates a 96 on whiteness. It's absolutely
    beautiful, it's like the paper in a quality text book. It's evenly
    opaque, no splotchyness at all and two sided print doesn't show thru.
    The funny thing is that it was one of the cheapest papers that the store
    had at something like $4/ream. I can't wait to try some of their
    "laser" paper. ;-)

    No affiliation, yada yada YMMV etc......
  8. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I went the IIP -> 6L -> 1320 route.
    I love my 1320. Fans? I guess I'm to deaf to notice ;-)
    I have something similar in paper from OfficeMax... I like nice heavy

    ...Jim Thompson
  9. I think I saw somewhere that the laser output was around 1/10 milliwatt IR.
    It would not be good for much else if that was what you were asking..
  10. ELAL

    ELAL Guest

    Make that 5mW (@785nm (=IR)). (at least for the LaserJet II/III)
    That's 10x the output of a simple CD player (also IR).

    But still:

    A decent DVD burner on the other hand, has a nice 20mW 635nm (deep red)
    But stripping a *working* DVD burner (the most common burner faillure =
    defective laser unit!) for what's essentially a light-toy, seems a bit
    too wasteful to me. I'd use some savings to buy some serious laser stuff
    on an auction :p
  11. "Jim Thompson"
    So you're prone to frivolous upgrades then? (;-) I'll be interested to
    see if this 1320 will still be printing in 10 years, somehow I kinda
    doubt that it will.
    Now see, I've read reports from both sides. Some people swear they are
    mouse quiet, but others must be hearing what I'm hearing. Mine's pretty
    loud IMO, maybe I should open it up and see what kind of fans it uses.
    I really like this Navigator stuff. It's curls a bit when it's first
    printed, but it just kinda relaxes when it cools off and flattens itself
    right out. Maybe their "laser" paper doesn't do that?

    A friend of mine has a friend working at O.M. that tips him off on all
    the clearance sales. He bought a bunch of paper from them a few years
    back. It rang up at 3 cents/ream.
  12. What class would that laser be in? That much power would burn your skin
    also. I have a 5 mw red laser from an old laser type setter. Nice big
    sealed Helium Neon tube.
  13. Zak

    Zak Guest

    They seem to be up to 180 mW now... though the optics let out only a

    That's 8x speed recording. Higher speed means even higher power, and
    dual layer is higher power for a given speed as well.

    I suppose this power is peak - duty cycle is a fairly constant 50% AFAIK.

    The drivers could be interesting as well... 16 speed is 21600 KB/sec
    which boils down to more than 200 MHz on the laser.

    The cost of a recorder is low - what could one make from it?

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