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Laser printer faults

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Funfly3, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. Funfly3

    Funfly3 Guest

    Is there a website that will explain which faults produce which printing
    problems I.E ghosting of the image down the page ETC I have a laser but it
    has a few printing faults but I don't know which bit is causing it and I
    don't want to buy a new toner if it is something else causing it
  2. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

  3. Funfly3

    Funfly3 Guest

    Lexmark RT+ is the printer I have three second-hand image drums all with
    print problem but I don't know if I have a underlying problem or all the
    drums are U/S
    I keep getting a ghost of the print further down the page and it also makes
    the white slightly darker all over the page and as the price new drum is
    extortionate I was hoping to get a rough idea before I source another drum
    I don't have any error codes on the display and apart from print quality it
    appears to be working ok
  4. Trying a new toner cartridge is a good idea. However, I have seen this
    issue before and it was the fuser assembly.

    Does the printer have a high page count (like 200,000) ?



    Repetitive Defects

    Possible Cause Recommended Action

    1. Toner cartridge is damaged. If the

    defect repeats at any of the following

    intervals and in the direction of paper

    movement, it is associated with a

    component inside the toner cartridge. See

    figure 7-10 on page 408.

    Inspect the drum for scratches or damage.

    Replace the toner cartridge.

    2. Transfer Roller has toner on it. If defects

    occur on the back of the page at intervals

    of 61mm (2 3/8 inches), the Transfer

    Roller may be dirty. This problem

    sometimes corrects itself after a few


    Clean the Transfer Roller using a dry,

    lint-free cloth. DO NOT touch the Transfer

    Roller with your fingers. If the problem

    persists, replace the Transfer Roller


    3. Rollers are dirty. Any dirty roller in the

    paper path may result in a repetitive print


    Examine and clean the rollers in the paper


    4. Fusing Assembly is dirty or defective. Clean the Fusing Assembly using

    If the problem persists, replace the Fusing


    5. Gears are worn, causing slippage or


    Inspect the gears driving the toner

    cartridge and the Fuser. Replace the Main

    Drive Assembly if necessary.

    6. Paper does not meet specifications.

    The surface of the paper may be too

    coarse, causing repeated marks.

    Try a different media or paper lot.
  5. Funfly3

    Funfly3 Guest

    247000 odd pages??
    I will read through the list and have a go
    I did manage to replace the laser a while back after a printhead failure and
    looking at the fuser its marked
  6. Then it is likely the fuser assembly. I know that HP recommends replacing
    theirs every 200,000 pages.

  7. Aidan Grey

    Aidan Grey Guest

    Post the exact distance between the original image and the first ghost.

    This will help identify whether it is the image drum or the fuser that is

    Aidan Grey

  8. Funfly3

    Funfly3 Guest

    the ghost is 5 inches along the paper path which seems like image drum size
    to me
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