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laser diode reflective sensor like HBCS-11

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by stephan, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. stephan

    stephan Guest

    I search for a laser diode with integrated reflective sensor like
    Agilent Technologies HBCS-1100
    It's used in a HP barcode reader.
    I would find an other laser diode like this (perhaps laser diode in
    DVD or CD readers?).
    If this laser diode exist, could you tell me this references ?

  2. This is not a laser diode with a sensor, it is an LED with a sensor.
    Many DVD and CD optical pickups use laser diodes with integral sensor
    arrays (but not with individual sensors). However, not all do and without
    a specific part number, there is no way to know which ones do and which
    ones use separate laser diodes and sensor arrays.

    What are you trying to accomplish and why isn't the HBCS-1100 adequate?

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