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Large PCB Low Quantity Production

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by logjam, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. logjam

    logjam Guest

    Can anyone recomend a good PCB manufacture for low quantity and large
    boards? My biggest board is about 7"x15.5" and smallest is 6.5"x9".

    I'm currently using PCBExpress, but their largest board is 12x14.
    Their "other" company PCBPro can do it, but its expensive for low
    quantities and quite a lead time...

  2. Noway2

    Noway2 Guest

    Expensive and long lead time are relative terms. The more complex the
    board and the more layers you add, the higher the expense goes.

    Personally, I use Triangle Circuitrs in Pittsburg, PA. I have been
    very pleased with the quality, pricing and lead times. I have no idea
    how their prices comapre to PCBExpress (which I have never used). I
    can say that I have gotten "cheap" boards made up before only to find
    that they had defects in them that made them virtually worthless.
  3. logjam

    logjam Guest

    I just heard of

    Only good things, I'll try them out with a small PCB and see how I like

    I've made over 30 square feet of boards using PCBExpress and have never
    had a problem. They have fast processing and great quality
    products...but there is the 14" limitation.
  4. I've done several small orders with them (double-layer, qty 10 to 100, a few
    square inches) and had good experiences. Quality seems excellent, service
    was helpful and responsive.
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