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Laptop recommendations

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Bo, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Bo

    Bo Guest

    I am interested in hearing some opinions on laptops.

    In particular I am interested in finding a system with these specs:

    Win XP-- not Vista!
    15.4 or 17" WSXGA+/WUGA+
    1G RAM min, prefer 2G
    wireless Bluetooth/Ethernet

    multi-card reader

    cost: ~$1300- $1600.

    I wanted to go with Dell or HP but my first requirement, XP seems to be a
    deal killer for these. Toshiba seems to have systems that are reasonable
    that meet my req--except for the WSXGA. Anyone have experience with
    Velocity Micro? They seem a bit pricey (about $400-500 more), but appear to
    be better than ave. quality.

    Any recommendations?

    Also, recommendations/experience with extended warranties?

    My primary use will be development: matlab, C++, grad school use, but also
    want to be able to use for road-trips/entertainment. As to why no Vista--
    several colleagues have shared horror stories on Hitler Gate's registration
    woes and driver/media compatability issues.

    Please I don't want to start a Mircosoft/Apple, Windows/Linus war with the
    question. If you are particularly happy or unhappy with a certain laptop
    vendor/model and service, I'd like to hear about it.

    Many thanks,

  2. AZ Nomad

    AZ Nomad Guest

    Try posting to an appropriate newsgroup.
  3. In fact a lot of these are not even 'returns'. When they have an order for
    (say) 500 laptops from one company, they assemble about 520, to make
    'sure' that they have 500 units ready for the shipment date. The 'extras',
    which in some cases will have failed final QD, for something 'simple',
    like a drive not plugged properly in, or in other cases will have been a
    good 'pass', but 'spare', are also sold via the Factory outlet store.
    The units will only be sold once they have passed QD, and represent good

    Best Wishes
  4. Bo

    Bo Guest

    What better newsgroup than one frequented by many engineer peers that likely
    use them for same apps that I will?
    This is certainly as or even a more appropriate place for such a post than
    many of the left/right-wing political wars that are posted here.

    At any rate, what newsgroups would you suggest?

  5. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Newegg still has HP models in the NC6320 series with XP Pro, although
    the stock drives are "only" 60 and 80 Gig. I picked one up around the
    end of January (the EN373UT flavor) and I've been quite happy with it.
  6. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    No Vista? Good luck. Try Twinhead. I got their Durabook D14RA just in
    time before the Vista release and AFAIK it won't run Vista. Great
    machine, rugged enclosure, 2-year std warranty, but the HD isn't that
    big. Was under $1000. Maybe they still have some of these.
  7. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    The mid-range Sony Vaios are very nice. Four pounds and 6 hour battery

  8. Agreed. Also, if you order a Dell from their small business part of the
    web site, you can still configure a machine with XP Pro. They've
    mentioned XP will be available for at least a year after release of
    Vista. My guess is a lot of commercial accounts are saying no to Vista.

    Sure, if you go down to local office mega-store, the only offering is
    Vista. (If you thought Microsoft was a monopoly a few years back, it
    has only gotten worse.) But XP is still to be found.
  9. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    Agreed, I nearly bought one a while ago, I got a MacBook instead. It
    comes with first-rate software development tools and the presentation
    software "Keynote" is great ($50 or so extra). To top it off, you get
    a remote control so you can flip through presentations from across the
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