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laptop powor problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Jest User, Jan 11, 2004.

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  1. Jest User

    Jest User Guest

    This is probably the wrong newsgroup, but hopefully theres someone that can
    help. I have a problem with my terca 8k laptop. a couple weeks ago i had a
    problem with the ac adapter,occasionallyy when plugged in, the laptop
    wouldn't charge, and i would have to shake the jack a bit to get it to

    Recently, however, the adapter has stopped working completely ... i know the
    laptop still works, coz i used the last amount of battery power after the
    failure for 20 minutes or so ... given all that, i assumed a physical
    problem with the DC jack ... i don't have too much knowledge of
    electronics, other than how to use a voltmeter .... (oh, i have tested the
    adapter on another laptop, to eliminate that possibility, and it worked
    fine) ... i removed the exterior, and took a reading from the DC jacks
    soldiers to the systemboard, and it read 15 +v .... which really pissed me
    off coz i hoped that was the problem .... heres my questions ....

    1) if there's 15v at the dc jack, it means its working right (forgive any
    stupidity) ...

    2) if its not the jack i'm assuming its something on the system board,
    probably not worth the expense of professional repairing, or changing ....
    any suggestions?

    3) since the battery still works is there anyway i can charge the battery
    directly .... the only other solution would be to buy another tecra laptop
    (or one using compatable battery, and using that for both) ...

    thanks in advance for any help u can give .. :)
  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    To answer you last question first, since I can't help you on the others..

    I have a Tecra 8000 and routinely charge the battery in the unit, however
    when I had a working spare battery, I charged it in a separate OEM battery
    charger.. I picked it up on eBay for about $20. There are several models
    available, mine is model PA2509U and will use the same power adapter as you

    BTW. this charger also has the ability to charge the battery pack that fits
    in the CD drive slot.

  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Well.. I am no expert at all....

    but I do know that theres got to be some sort of voltage inverter ( i
    hope thats eh right word ) thatchanges dc current / ac current in the
    ssytem board.. hecne thelaptop is able to get its power from the
    battery or the wall mart. Secondly, chancesa re the ac plug on the
    ssytem board might be either loose or it may have a cold joint, bad
    soldering ????
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    The Tecra only takes 15 vdc into the unit. Whether the power is provided by
    a 120 vac or by 12 vdc auto adaptor, they all pass through a 'Brick' for
    either power source. The output of the 'Brick' is always within the ~ 15 vdc
    power requirement.

    If the battery is dead or removed the laptop will still work from the power
    adaptor. Or the Power Adaptor can also be use to with the Toshiba charger
    unit, to charge the batteries outside of the Laptop.

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