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laptop overheating

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Pete, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    I am using a laptop overseas. Because the cord in my original power adaptor
    broke, I had to purchase a new power adaptor which the overseas shop said
    was suitable for my laptop.

    When the laptop is doing intense graphics such as video streaming or HDMI
    output, the laptop will sometimes turn itself off after about 30 mins.

    I assume this is due to over-heating.

    What is the likely cause of this?

    Could it be the new power adaptor, or is it dust in the air vents?
  2. Damian

    Damian Guest

    What is the condition of the battery when that happens??!! Is it 100%
    charged or close to 0%?
    Since you weren't complaining about this fault before the introduction of
    the new power adapter, it's likely the cause.
    Either it doesn't charge the battery fast enough or it gives wrong voltage
    to the laptop/battery.
  3. Pete

    Pete Guest

    The battery is in a poor state. Win 7 gives a warning message about how it
    needs replacement.

    I thought if plugged in the laptop would get power directly from the power
  4. SolomonW

    SolomonW Guest

    Since the power adapter has only recently put in, I suspect it is the power
    adapter, however, I would open it up and check the air vents. Also for the
    time being, I would charge it and use it on its battery, which is what I
    suggest you do anyway. Furthermore, consider getting a laptop stand with
    either a Cooler Pad or a fan.
  5. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Will a laptop work when plugged in but without a battery inserted?
  6. That entirely depends on the laptop; most will, but some won't - only one
    way to find out!

    Based on your other post in this thread though, it sounds as if your new
    power supply isn't putting out enough current to power the laptop - it might
    be perfectly suitable to charge the battery (albeit at a slower rate than
    the original charger), but not enough to power the laptop through lengthy
    heavy processing.

    It's easy enough to find out though... What are the power (voltage and
    current output) ratings of your original charger, and what are the ratings
    of your new one?
  7. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Most likely its just the new power supply shutting down because
    it can't supply the power the laptop needs in that situation.

    The new power supply can't supply the power the laptop needs.

    Compare the power rating on the broken one and the new one.

    Even if the new one does claim to be able to provide as many
    watts as the old one, likely it can't. Take it back and demand
    a refund if you can get there conveniently again. If you can't
    just buy another one. Get a genuine one off ebay or a decent
    Targus etc. Depending on where you are overseas, watch out
    for fakes.
    Most laptops will, but there is no point in doing that in your situation.
  8. Petzl

    Petzl Guest

    Dust in the vents, CAREFULLY use a vacumm cleaner (which are capable
    of sucking the keys off keyboard)
    Read the other advice as well. Seems your problem started with new
    charger and your battery is near dead as well.
  9. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Doesn't explain why its only happening with the new power pack.

    Its much more likely its underpowered and is shutting down in the higher
  10. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    Check the power pack under-load , I expect it's low on voltage


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  11. Pete

    Pete Guest

    I took out the battery and the laptop did the same thing - powered off after
    about 30 mins of video streaming. What does that indicate?
  12. It indicates that either your laptop's overheating (usually due to dust
    build-up in the cooling vents), or your power supply's overheating (caused
    by being under-powered).

    Did you have a chance to compare the output ratings of the two power
  13. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    I can only reiterate testing the existing psu under load , one can't
    trust the ratings claims and I suggest it's going into current limit or
    low on voltage

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  14. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Pete, you haven't responded to the many requests for a comparison of the old verses the new power adapter specs.

    That is what you really need to do.

    Cheers Don...

    Don McKenzie

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