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Laptop LCD inverter repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by cmdrdata, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. cmdrdata

    cmdrdata Guest

    I posted this question a week ago but did not get any responses. I have
    three "dead" inverter boards that came from an older IBM Thinkpad 600
    series laptop. This tiny card converts low voltage to higher voltage
    high frequency AC that is then used to light up the fluorescent
    backlight tube(s). The symptom is that it will come on for a short time
    (I can see the fluorescent tube glows for a 20-30 seconds, then just
    before the laptop hinished its POST, the light goes out. While it is
    on, I can hear a slight high frequency chirp from the card, then its
    off. So a component in there is bad. Does any of you repair gurus have
    any experience working with this kind of circuits and possibly tell me
    what is the typical failure mode components that caused this behavior?
    TIA. Note: spraying "freeze" on it did not help to bring it back.
  2. Guest

    I have no experience on this laptop but recently had a NEC 2010 lose
    one tube of 10. I moved the inverter chip and the problem moved with
    it. NEC was no help at all and I'm trying to find a repair depot that
    will sell me the chip.
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