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Laptop LCD backlight repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tim Mitchell, Sep 17, 2003.

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  1. Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    I'm trying to repair the backlight of a Compaq Armada 1750. Having
    extracted the LCD panel from the case, the backlight tube seems to be
    integral with the LCD panel. Does anyone know
    (a) if it's possible to get a complete replacement panel any more (we're
    in the UK so preferably from Europe - searched the web with no result)
    (b) if it's possible to get the backlight tube out of the panel to
    replace it.

    The inverter is working properly and outputting KV's (nice corona
    discharge to my meter probe!)
    The machine is getting a bit old, if DIY repair fails it will be cheaper
    to get a new one, so it's a case of "fix or bin".
  2. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    It may be, however they are very expensive typically.
    I don't know how recent the 1750 is.
    I have dissasembled several panels to the point that I would have been
    able to replace the backlight if I wished.
    Generally it involves lots of fiddly screws.
    A digital camera/video camera is handy to record what went where.

    Fix or ebay also works.
    If someone has spilt something in theirs, they may need a new lower half.
  3. Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    Worth a try. The 1750 model is about 4 years old, we bought it 2nd hand
    about 2 years ago.
  4. Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    I have eventually managed to extract the backlight tube, it is 2mm dia
    295mm long, but now I can't find anywhere which supplies one that long.
    Any ideas? The display is a Samsung LT141X5-124.
  5. Just do a Google search for "Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp" (CCFL).
    The same tubes are used to light up the computer cases favoured by
    gamers and overclockers. The trick will be finding one that's the
    correct size as the advertisements rarely offer dimensions. For
    example: WH&CatId=882
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