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Laptop LCD backlight problem

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by -=Erx=-, Jan 17, 2004.

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  1. -=Erx=-

    -=Erx=- Guest

    I have a Dell Laptop and after a while the display did not work any more. I
    opened the laptop to see if the flatcable between the display and the laptop
    was broken. This was not the case.
    When I closed the laptop again and put it on, it still did not work. Then I
    grabed the display and the lights went on. But when I released the pressure
    on the display they switch out.

    Does anybody know how to open the display and fix those lights? The display
    is not fixed with screws.



  2. Bert Dobrie

    Bert Dobrie Guest

    You will probably need to replace the LCD.

    I have replaced several LCD's in Laptops. I always get the LCD from Ebay,
    and I have not had any problems with this.

    If you get a LCD from another source, you will pay up to $500, maybe more.
    Look on Ebay for a laptop with the same LCD as yours with a bad motherboard.
    Then salvage the LCD.
  3. Sounds like bad (cold) solder joints. That screen does come apart. You
    have to take the screen off the laptop body first. The screws are located
    under the rubber bumbers on the screen. there may be sticky tape and
    plastic catches also holding it together. Be careful, but it will come
  4. -=Erx=-

    -=Erx=- Guest

    I found the problem. A (really) flatcable makes a curve inside the back of
    the screen. When I push on the cable on this place the backlight switches
    on. I put some tape to push it contineously, and that works. I know this is
    not a common method to fix things, but I do not believe it is easy to
    replace the flatcable.
    But thanx for the hints.


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