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Laptop Headphone Jack Volume problem

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Matthew Mucklo, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. Hello,

    Recently did some repair on a laptop motherboard. Had a busted
    mini-jack for the headphones which I replaced (or actually swapped it
    with an identical part).

    Sound now comes out (in stereo), however at miniscule volume, even if
    all the volume controls are cranked. The volume control does make a
    difference, but it doesn't ever get above a minimally audible level.

    The speakers built into the computer work fine, so I'm sure that the
    sound board is okay.

    My question is this - am I missing one of the connections to the jack
    (like the ground, for example)? Does anyone know how these jacks work
    from a circuitry level (as in what would cause the loss of volume)?

  2. It is hard to answer this remotely without really getting in there
    with an ohm meter and doing continuaty checks.

    The board you mounted the jack on is most likely double sided or multi
    layered. The audio may be coming to the jack from the top or a layer
    in between the board, and the soldering contact to the jack is not
    proper. This is something you will have to investigate.

    It is also possible that the jack may be defective, or as said before,
    something is opened to it.

    Jerry Greenberg
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