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Laptop dc jack repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Gotta give credit where it is due!

    After dealing with laptopking I am very pleased with another company.
    I just got off the phone with the guy who owns DCPOWERJACKS.NET and
    they are serious to customer satisfaction.

    I am repairing a gateway mx7515, and I went to laptopking to order the
    jack, which is listed as a 2.5mm jack. This isnt my laptop so I thought
    ok and ordered the part with overnight shipping and it was around
    around 60 dollars... 30 for the jack and 30 for shipping. When I told
    them it was the wrong part I noticed they had a no refund policy unless
    the jack is bad. I corresponded over email, and they kept emailing me
    say around 5:00 pm, which I know is past shipping times in california.
    After I finally found the right jack listed for a compaq, they waited
    again after 5pm the next day to let me know they didnt have the part in
    stock.. 4 days wasted, partially my fault for ordering the wrong size,
    but they just didnt seem to really care too much. I offered to send a
    pic of the old jack ,etc. So I gave up on them, and they own four
    domains.. This is from my invoice..

    Excel Computer, Inc.
    Network of laptop sites: | | |

    Now to DCPOWERJACKS.NET. Long story short, I decided not to remove the
    2.5mm jack and not use the targus universal notebook ac adapter. (I
    dont like not knowing the amps, plus I already have a good ac adapter
    it just needs a 1.65mm jack.) I ordered the jack from the site late
    last nite. Today I got an email from gary about my paypal address. I
    just moved, so I updated my info with paypal and told him not to cancel
    the order in my email.

    8:15 rolls around and I am watching the history channel. I receive a
    call from Gary! He told me I paid with an echeck and it would take
    forever to clear. So we fixed it and he told me I should have it by

    I thought wow! What great service. The guy actually called me to
    straighten out the order and make me happy. Plus all I spent was 20
    dollars, and that was with my shipping 2 day business with usps...

    DCPOWERJACKS.NET made me very happy. And now one of my clients kids
    will get the laptop earlier as a result.
  2. Why not go to mouser and order one for $0.50?
  3. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    He probably couldn't. Some laptop's have DC jacks with differing pinouts
    and PCB mounts than those stocked by general catalogue suppliers.

    Getting round that problem either costs $$$ with specialist suppliers,
    or botching the job with other parts, which with some of these, if you
    look at the max current draw to charge a flat laptop battery, doesn't
    look very safe....
  4. David Naylor

    David Naylor Guest

    Man have i got a Bridge to sell YOU..WOW there are no jacks for ANY
    laptop that cost over a buck. and installation should onlt be around 50
    bucks tops. At least thats what we charge where I work Geez man did
    they take you for a ride
  5. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Fine, do us all a favour. Care to name your sources for supplying jacks
    for ANY laptop for less than a dollar? Sony, HP/Compaq, Mitac, Clevo?

    and installation should onlt be around 50

    Geez man did
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