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Laptop battery connector pinouts

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by msg, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. msg

    msg Guest


    I would appreciate _any_ laptop smart battery connector pinouts
    for inclusion in a little database I hope to build; the important
    pins are for the SMBus, e.g. SDA, SCL and GND. I would especially
    appreciate pinouts for the following batteries that I need to test
    with a little device I just built:

    1. Compaq series 2891 (317172-101, 341846-001)
    (used in Armada 7700, 7800 series)
    2. Gateway 6500332
    3. Dell 75UYF
    (used in Inspiron and Latitude various models)


  2. mike

    mike Guest

    google "smart battery workshop" lots of related info.
  3. msg

    msg Guest

    Had done, seems that the original site is redirecting to a Russian-
    language only site which has little to do with the product.

    I had also inspected the demo version of Accplus hoping that
    documentation would contain pinouts but no luck there.

    Since I posted this request, I have found several packs from
    different vendors which use a standard 5-pin scheme which
    groups GND, SCL, SDA at one end of the connector. These
    all use a BQ charge controller/gas gauge device. The problem
    lies with other packs that don't use the BQ devices and have
    more than 5 pins on the connector (some have 8 or more).
    Permuting all of the non-power lines has not worked in my
    trials to find the signals on these packs. Some of them
    may require some enable lines to be asserted or other
    conditions be present to communicate. Others may not be
    SMBus compliant and use proprietary protocols.

    There was a person from Belgium some years ago who began
    an investigation of the Armada pack I mentioned in my O.P.
    but never reported progress; I will attempt a conatact.

    My request for data remains open.


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