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Laptop AC adapter info

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Me_Again, Jan 29, 2005.

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  1. Me_Again

    Me_Again Guest

    If anyone has an Acer Nuovo laptop A/C adapter, or other TravelMate laptops
    that use the same AC1508 adapter, I would really like to know what the
    voltages are for the pins.
    These laptops (as well as the Nuovo) use this adapter :
    TravelMate 7000 Series
    TravelMate 7000, 7060, 7060NT, 7063NT
    TravelMate 7100 Series
    TravelMate 7100, 7120T, 7130TE, 7164T
    TravelMate 7300, 7364
    AcerNote 970
    AcerNote 971
    AcerNote 972
    AcerNote 973
    AcerNote 975

    Details on the adapter are here :

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Please reply to
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