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Lamp Holder Sought

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Robert Inder, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Robert Inder

    Robert Inder Guest

    I'm trying to repair an angle poise desk lamp. The actual bulb holder
    has broken.

    Inside the shade there is a metal bracket, with a roughly 1cm hole
    in it. On the original lamp holder, the wires entered through a
    threaded "tail" which pushed through this hole. Then there was a nut
    that came down the wires and tightened onto the tail of the lamp
    holder, thus clamping it to the bracket.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the compact fluorescent bulb we've been
    using has been too heavy for arrangement, and the threaded "tail" of
    the lampholder has broken, leaving the bulb resting against the inside
    of the metal shade. It works, but...

    So, I'd like to get a replacement lamp holder. One that can holds a
    normal 240V bulb, but can be clamped by its tail in to a 1cm mounting hole.

    Only I'm not sure where to get such a thing, or even what I want to
    ASK for --- what such a thing would be called.

    I've seen "batten mounting" lamp holders, and the ones that I've seen
    for pendant lights seem to be designed to clamp to a shade or similar
    at the middle of the lampholder --- where the body is several
    cemtimeters across.


  2. Guest

    usually its the forces generated when the nut's tightened that breaks
    them, not the bulbs. Unfortunately I cant remember what that holder
    arrangement is called, but if you call your local electrical
    wholesaler they should have one. The new one will be no more robust of
    course - go easy on tightening that nut.

  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Don't you have a hardware store nearby? Just take the old socket out and
    bring it down to a place that sells electrical hardware, they might have
    something you can make fit.
  4. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Yup, and I would add that it sounds like a standard piece of hardware
    used in lamps worldwide. I just call it threaded pipe.

    - Tim -
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