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Krell KAV amp making shot noise sounds,

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Z, May 9, 2004.

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  1. Z

    Z Guest

    Amplifier is making shot noise, like those of dry joint. I'm loathe to
    operate on it as it's a dear amp. Possible external influences are
    central heating, refrigeration, fluorescent, compact fluorescents or
    other appliance.
    Want to clean up mains, apart from the EMI/RFI/surge suppression in
    these appliances some of which I wil be replacing anyway what can I add
    to clean up the gumff they send back to mains?
    What could I add at amplifier to block such noise if it is not the amp.
    Ready to re-wire hi-fi circuits in EMC compliant wiring anyway with
    filtered sockets..
  2. Leave it connected to your speakers but replace the input patch cords
    with shorting plugs. If it's quiet, your problem is nearly certainly
    not the amp. If you stilll hear the noise and find it coincident with
    an external power event (compressor, etc.), try using an isolated
    ground, such as a (metal) water pipe or a dedicated ground rod, rather
    than the normal ground from your power outlet. If the noise seems to
    be sourced by the amplifier itself, sent it back to Krell, unless you
    are a very skilled technician. They have the correct parts, know what
    they are doing and charge fair prices for the repairs they perform.
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