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Koss DVD player won't play CD's

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Roger Grady, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Roger Grady

    Roger Grady Guest

    I have a Koss DVD/CD player that plays DVD's fine but won't recognize
    an audio CD. It was less than a year old when this started. Do these
    things have more than one laser? Is this likely to be something
    fixable or is it a "pitch and replace" situation?

    Roger Grady
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  2. It's the pickup. Most modern DVD players are a "dual-wave" pickup design.
    The CD - related portion of the laser is bad somehow. It happens. The DVD
    portion may function for some time. Most of these are throwaways anymore.

    Mark Z.
  3. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Or, it could have a simple fault. I have one which would not recognize
    CD's. That started occuring almost to the day that the warranty expired.
    For about a year thereafter, it would intermittantly work on CD's.
    Occasionally, one would read...and then for that entire session it would
    work fine on all CD's. Eventually it got intermittant on DVD's as well.

    After putting up with that for a while I just replaced it. After seeing it
    sit on a shelf for a while, I pulled it down one day, opened it up, cleaned
    it thoroughly and reseated all of the ribbon cables.

    It powered up, recognized the first CD, all subsequent CD' well as all
    DVD's. Since it's a changer and it's replacement was single-play, I put it
    back in service. Over a year now and it's been flawless. I suspect it was
    one of the ribbon cables that was the culprit; but since I did no
    incremental testing, it could have just been dirty.....

  4. Roger Grady

    Roger Grady Guest

    Well, I guess it's worth opening it up and playing a bit before I
    pitch it. Maybe I'll get lucky like you did.

    Thanks for the info.

    Roger Grady
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