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knowledge is power

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mostafa dia, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. mostafa dia

    mostafa dia Guest

    Space and time
    There are two theories or convictions centered around the existence or
    creation of our present universe,and life altogether:
    The first one is a scientific approach,which is not yet proven,and is
    doubted by a great many number of religious and non_religious
    The second one is a spiritual belief,that is not scientifically
    logical,and is likewise doubted by as many as those who believe in the
    first theory.
    The first proposition assumes that the universe began with a big
    bang;that space and time emerged with that first universal
    explosion;that this brought about the necessary material elements
    which formed a body of about 100 or more billion galaxies during a
    span of about 10 to 20 billion years of human time;that everyone of
    these galaxies is supposed to contain less or more than 100 billion
    stars each,ranging in size from being close to our solar star,up to
    100's or 1000's of times larger than that;that most or all of these
    stars might have planets and moons,ranging in numbers according to
    their relative size.
    This assumption has lead to the fuzzy conclusion that there existed
    neither time nor space prior to that big universal show of heavenly
    But that left one major flaw in the web of the deductive and logical
    reasoning of the frail human mind:
    Where was that extremely dense mass of the (petite) particle situated
    prior to that bang??? And what form of timeless and spaceless object
    of unknown substance did enclose or surround its relatively (poco)
    Three possible alternatives stand out before our very scrutinizing
    eyes of our logical petty minds:
    1-This particle might have been immersed in a limited timeless and
    spaceless object of unknown substance,slightly bigger than the
    particle's size.
    2-It might have been enclosed by a timeless and spaceless object of
    unknown substance that fit exactly its size;In both cases nothing was
    supposed to exist beyond that.
    3-It was floating in an infinite timeless and spaceless object of
    unknown substance.
    If we hang on to the first alternative,we would conclude that the
    boundaries of that small particle coincided with the beginning of the
    timeless and spaceless limited substance that certainly has an
    end,because it was not infinite.That substance could not have ended
    nowhere!!!But had to coincide with the beginning of something
    else;Otherwise,it could not have been limited'with an end.
    Following that same route of deductive reasoning,we would conclude
    that that something else of timeless and spaceless nature had to be
    limited,with an end;or infinite,with no end.
    If it were the first,it had to coincide with still another thing of
    timeless and spaceless nature,and so on and so forth,up to an endless
    chain of infinite number of limited objects of timeless and spaceless
    natures to no end.
    If it were the latter,it should have been one infinite timeless and
    spaceless object of unknown nature that occupied everything outside
    the boundaries of that particle and its compartments.
    If we stick to the second alternative,we would have to run the same
    chain of beginnings and ends of infinite number of timeless and
    spaceless objects of unknown natures.
    If we settle with the last alternative,we would get the same results
    without having to go over the same repititive cycle of beginnings and
    But,in everyone of these three alternatives,there arises the one and
    same obstacle :
    This particle could not have expanded beyond its limited boundaries
    if it were surrounded by some form of infinite unknown substance or
    substances,whose infinite size might have hindered the expansion of
    that little particle beyond its restricted boundaries;that infinite
    body of unknown nature could not have been pushed or moved beyond its
    infinite boundaries,in order to give room for the expansion of that
    particle;there were supposed to exist no empty space in the first
    place,before or after that substance,or any other substance or
    This final analysis leaves us with one and only logical solution:
    There should have existed an empty space beyond the boundaries of
    that tiny particle of dense mass,in order to facilitate its expansion
    beyond anything imaginable.
    That space should have been infinite,or else it would have ended
    somewhere and coincided with another body of unknown substance of
    timeless and spaceless nature,existing beyond that limited space.
    That timeless and spaceless substance should not have existed in the
    first place,because it should have been infinite and could not have
    left any more room of empty space for any particle to expand beyond
    its restricted boundaries!!!
    Now,if we suppose that there existed no time before the big bang,we
    would have to ask ourselves the only one simple and logical question:
    How long did it take the particle to condense??How long did it remain
    in a static state before its explosion??How long did it take the
    material of its substance to be formed before that
    condensation?????And how long!!?? And how long!!??And so on and so
    forth of many how longs!!!!!
    If we assume that this particle came as a result of the condensation
    of some scattered material of unknown substance;or the scattered
    remnants of a previous dead universe,and had moved towards some
    universal gravitational centre of absolute force to condense into one
    tiny particle of dense mass,it would be logical to conclude that that
    movement of those scattered material took place within the frame of
    time and space axis,and not otherwise!!Movement does not exist outside
    the time and space frame.
    That particle could not have popped out of nowhere,outside the axis
    of time and space,and condensed without any further movement inside
    that frame towards an absolute force of gravitation!!!That would be
    scientifically absurd!!!
    In the final analysis,time and space are infinite entities that have
    existed for an eternity,and will continue to exist for another
    Time and space have always been the workshops of infinity to mold
    endless structures of endless matrial and non_material existences all
    through eternity!!!
    On the other hand,if we acknowledge the second conviction,and believe
    that existence was created by a super deity of heavenly powers,we
    would have to consider one very important possibility:
    That time and space had existed long before the creation of our
    present universe,because there existed a powerful and mighty heavenly
    force prior to that creation,which had an infinite form,and had
    existed for an eternity long before the present creation:that creation
    which is but one small link in an infinite chain of endless creations
    that have been going on and will go on for ever and ever??!!
    If there exists other theories regarding the formation of our
    universe,or other universes,for that matter,they have to follow the
    same line of deductive reasoning that leads to none other conclusions
    than what has already been presented so far,concerning time and place:
    Nothing exists outside the frame of infinte time and
    space;Otherwise,that would only be only mere speculations issuing from
    a frail and limited human mind of limited and ignorant nature!!!
    Matter And The Void
    Everything that exists,including us sentient beings,is only a
    void,that has no material essence whatsoever.
    For matter,is just a three dimensional effect of the void;and
    sentient material existence is nothing more than an awareness,that
    feels the effect of the void,that takes a material form of color,and
    shape,by the deductive foreign mind of the first attention,in a three
    dimensional space,and time.
    Matter,as science defined it,is made up of atoms;and these atoms are
    composed of protons,neutrons,and electrons;the nucleus of the atom
    comprises the proton,and the neutron,which is surrounded by rotating
    Molecules are made up of atoms,joined by the bond between the
    electrons;the molecule of water,for example,is composed of 2 hydrogen
    atoms,and 1 oxygen atom;a drop of water is made up of
    millions of combined water molecules;any body of water is comprised of
    millions of water drops.
    Suppose now that we travel deep into the atom,and view it from
    the inside;the atom would look like something,that resembles the solar
    system:the sun being the nucleus,and the planets,that are rotating
    around it,being the electrons.
    If we measure the volume of the space,that the solar system
    occupies,and compare this volume with the actual volume of the sun and
    its 9 planets,the ratio would be,something like 1 : 1000000.
    The majority of this solar space would be a void,which comprises
    about 99 percent of this volume.
    Now if we take a water molecule,and measure its volume,it would
    be like measuring the space,that the sun occupies with its two nearest
    After comparing the volume of this space,with the actual volume
    of the sun,and these two stars,we would get a ratio of much more than
    1 :1000000000 .
    The majority of the volume,would be a void,which comprises about 99
    percent or more .
    If we take a drop of water,and compare its volume with the volume of
    the atoms,that comprise the drop of water,this would be like comparing
    the volume of the space, that the milky way galaxy occupies
    with the volume of all the stars,that comprises this galaxy.
    In this case,the ratio would be extremely more than
    1:1000000000000,and the void forms about 99.5 percent.
    Now,if we take the Atlantic Ocean and compare its volume with the
    volume of the corrosponding atoms,the comparison would cover
    the whole universe,with all the stars in all the 12000000000 galaxies
    The ratio would jump to 1 versus an infinite number;the majority of
    the volume would be about 99.9 percent of void this time.
    Now,if we try to analyze this 1% of the supposed material volume,the
    trip would take us,still further into the depth of the atom, into
    where the nucleus lies.
    By travelling into the nucleus,and take the proton,for example,and
    compare the volume of this proton,with the volume of its components
    the quarks,the ratio would be something comparable to what has been
    presented up to now in this analysis;the proton would also comprise a
    99 percent of void too.
    And if we go still deeper,and analyze the quarks in turn,we would
    get the same result;the quark would form more than 99 percent of void
    If we go still to a much deeper level,and reach an infinitesimal
    dimension,we would find out,that matter doesn't exist in the first
    place .
    And in analyzing the neutron and the electron in the same deductive
    method,we would be more convinced than ever,that what really exist is
    only a void,and that matter,is only an effect of the flux of energy of
    this void,which is but one infinite whole,comprised of no other part,
    but itself,and that everything that exists,is just part of the flux of
    energy of this infinite void;and the flux is none other than the
    infinite field of energy of the of the circle of light,that comprises
    an infinite number of infinitesimal points of awareness attached to
    that infinite flux of live energy.
    This void and its flux of energy,has no description in the deductive
    foreign mind of the first attention;for who can pinpoint the void and
    give it a reasonable and sound description?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If our present material universe is 10 to 20 billion years of age,and
    if we compare that age with the infinite age of the endless space that
    houses this universe,we would conclude that the age of the present
    existing material universe is nill in comparison to the age of the
    endless and everlasting space,that has been standing since eternity
    and will stand still for another eternity.
    And if the present universe is just 10 to 20 billion years of
    age,then what was there 50,or100,or1000 billion years ago?Or a
    trillion years ago?Or a zillion years ago? Or what had existed an
    infinite years ago?
    Was there nothing prior to the present existence of our material
    universe?And if that was the case,why hasn't the universe come into
    existence long before that period?And why 10 to 20 billion years ago
    in particular,when it could have existed 50,or100,or1000,or10,000
    billion or less or more years ago?Or it will have come into existence
    a 1000,or a zillion trillion or more or less years away from now!
    If the universe is going to survive for another 50,or 100 billion or
    less or more years away in the distant future,then would existence
    come to an end after the death of our mortal universe?And would this
    endless and everlasting wide space become empty and steril for
    another eternity,as it is assumed to have been prior to the inception
    of our new born professed universe?
    If the factors that prompted the birth of our universe had been
    appropriate only 10 to 20 billion years ago,then couldn't they have
    been appropriate a zillion or a 1000 zillion or more or less years ago
    before the conception with our beloved universe?Or wouldn't they be
    appropriate too a 1000 trillion zillion or more or less years in the
    Or if this material existence was created by a heavenly
    deity,couldn't it have created another one long before it had created
    the present one?And wouldn't that divine and almighty creator
    originate another universe shortly or long after the death of ours?And
    why create only one universe,when it could create infinite ones?
    Wouldn't it like to be worshiped by as many universes as there could
    be in existence?
    And wouldn't you like to have more than one baby if you just could
    support them and provide them with their livley needs?
    Or wouldn't you like to become the emperor of the universe instead of
    being only the ruler of planet earth?Oh!!!! I guess you are mighty
    humble to settle only with governing your own country??!!!??!!!??Or
    city???!!! Or village??!! Or street?! Or may be just your own
    If the universe is 10 to 20 billion cubic light years in volume,why
    would that infinite space be void of any other material universe
    beyond the existing one?
    And if we compare the volume of the present universe with the
    infinite volume of the endless space that surrounds this limited
    nill,we would only conclude that this tiny volume of material
    existence is nothing more than a mere infinitesimal point in
    comparison with that endless and wide_open space that has no limits
    even to measure it with!!!
    Why would that endless space bring forth a tiny bush,while it can
    become swerving with infinite blossoming flowers throughout its
    endless expanse of unlimited space?
    And if the factors were appropriate for material existence to occupy
    a limited portion of that endless ocean of void space,couldn't they
    have also been appropriate for other material volumes to occupy
    endless portions in that limitless expansion of never_ending space?
    And if those same factors were appropriate for material existence to
    occupy a limited portion 10 to 20 billion years ago,then couldn't they
    have been appropriate for matter to occupy that same space a zillion
    or more or less years ago?And wouldn't they be also appropriate for
    any other existence to occupy that same space a trillion or less or
    more years after this universe is long gone?
    Couldn't the physical laws of this universe and the atomic structure
    of its matter have been different from what they are in the present
    existence?And if that was all true,couldn't there have existed other
    material occupations with different physical laws and atomic
    structures before the existence of the present one?Or wouldn't there
    have existed other different ones during the existence of the present
    one?And won't there exist more different ones after the death of the
    present one???
    And couldn't there have existed other material volumes with similar
    laws and atomic structures before the existence of the present one?Or
    wouldn't there have existed other similar ones during the existence of
    the present one?And won't there exist other similar ones after the
    death of the present one????
    Has the beginning of the present universe started 10 to 20 billion
    years ago,after the big bang of that extremely heavy particle of dense
    matter took place?Or has it started before that,when that dense matter
    began to unite and condense?And how long did it take that particle of
    dense matter to condense and explode as a result of the huge pressure
    that had become too large to keep its particles together any longer??
    Or wouldn't it be possible to assume that that dense and heavily
    condensed particle were the remnants of another previous deceased
    universe,which had expended its potential energy of atomic bonding,and
    had decomposed into loose matter,that had reassembled and aligned
    itself because of an inherent factor,that had enabled it to
    reconstruct itself again into one heavily condensed particle,under an
    extreme field of gravitational force?
    Or wouldn't it be possible that the huge force of gravity that had
    attracted and condensed the matter of the big bang in the first
    place,would also attract and condense the dead matter of this universe
    after its fading away 50 or 100 billion years from now? And wouldn't
    that be similar to what happens in an underwater explosion,when the
    sucking pressure of the vaccumed sphere resulting from the explosion
    crumbles down and redirects the pressure to the centre of the
    And last but not least,couldn't it be possible that this same matter
    of the present universe may have undergone an infinite process of
    expanding and condensing,before the existence of the present form of
    our universe?And wouldn't it be feasible and sane to think that that
    process will go on for another infinite period of intensity of
    composition and decomposition??
    And could there have also been other processes of intensity with
    other material occupations of a different order before,during,and
    after this present occupation,and other intensity processes with other
    material occupations of similar orders before,during,and after the
    present occupation too???
    That is the big question???????????????????????????????????????????

    In the year 1960,a universal being revealed the mysteries and magical
    wonders of existence and awareness.learn about the second and third
    attentions that human beings can attain at:
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.Peace be with you.
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    msn group,you must use an msn ID.But to join a smart group,you can use
    any ID.
  2. Tim Perry

    Tim Perry Guest

    most of here know that the universe was created by all the small transistors
    and hardware that fall off the workbench and then shift into the 4 th
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Major problem tends to be having all the available knowledge but not having
    any wisdom as to how to use it.
  4. Tim Perry

    Tim Perry Guest

    you mean like software guys? i cant remember the last time i have heard one
    say "i don't know".
  5. Well, if I am your major professor, then saying "I don't know" at some point
    in the oral examinations is a requirement for getting a degree! I
    specifically test for whether people know the limits of their knowledge.

    Michael Covington
    Associate Director, Artificial Intelligence Center
    The University of Georgia -
  6. Mike

    Mike Guest


    Whichever universe you are living in is clearly broken.
    Ah. Sounds like you dropped it. That won't be covered by the warranty.

    If you expect us to faultfind your universe, you could at least tell us
    the manufacturer and model.

  7. Zorknob

    Zorknob Guest


    OK first, my my my, aren't you arrogant to think you have all the
    answers, maybe you should lay off the peyote.

    Second, now that you've spewed the culmination of your mental
    masturbation all over the page, you still have to account for the fact
    that, hey, there you sit at your computer typing away, barfing all
    your nihilistic bile.

    Third, the fact that you can't wrap your mind around these concepts
    has nothing to do with the nature of reality.

    Fourth, for language to work properly, you can't just redefine terms
    to randomly mean whatever you want.

    Fifth, regardless of how many cycles the universe may or may not have
    gone through, how many potential forms matter can theoretically take,
    or how many parallel universes may exist, we have absolutely no way of
    observing those things, so what's the point? They aren't part of the
    universe we exist in.

    What is the universe anyway? You spew that word out as if it's a
    given that it's an understood concept, but based on your usage, I
    don't think you know what it is. The universe is everything that
    exists anywhere. Of course, now this begs, what is existence?

    You know what, I was going to continue, but I get the impression that
    all you're really doing is fishing, and I have a life.
  8. b

    b Guest

    Hate to piss on your bonfire, but I think you posted to the wrong
    newsgroup. what the $%&! has this got to do with electronics repair?
    go away silly boy.
  9. Tim Perry

    Tim Perry Guest

    Michael, i think the computer "gurus" know that they don't have all the
    answers but are afraid that if they ever admit it the client will start to
    think about replacing him with someone who does. (the clients generally have
    about the same level of familiarity with computers as a driver has with the
    engineering involved with automobiles.)
  10. I had a family doctor who took out a medical book in my presence to
    get the dosage for a prescription she was writing for me. I found that

  11. Colin B.

    Colin B. Guest

    I can't believe no one has pointed out the obvious flaw here.

    Knowledge isn't power. Voltage times Current is power.

  12. <BG>

  13. Asimov

    Asimov Guest

    "Colin B." bravely wrote to "All" (08 Aug 04 15:39:06)
    --- on the heady topic of "Re: knowledge is power"

    CB> From: "Colin B." <>

    CB> I can't believe no one has pointed out the obvious flaw here.

    CB> Knowledge isn't power. Voltage times Current is power.

    Wasted power is current squared times the resistance.
    This thread is heating up everyone's pc for nothing.


    .... Without ignorance, knowledge is powerless.
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