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Kill A Watt comment

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by [email protected], Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I sent this to the outfit that markets the KAW meter and to the
    package designer:


    Kill A Watt meter

    I recently bought one of these meters. Nice design, provides much
    information. Soon I will check its accuracy against its impressive
    (0.2%) claim. Had it been in the market 6 years ago when I bought a
    Brand power meter, I'd have saved over $100.

    But then there is the package it came in. Over 6 times the size of
    the meter, formed from 71 grams of (unmarked for recycling) probably
    vinyl plastic, not particularly naturally degrading and a source of
    nasty pollutants when incinerated. Tom Dolle, I hope you exercise
    greater awareness in your other design projects.

    Tom Willmon
    Mountainair, (mid) New Mexico, USA

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  2. Gymmy Bob

    Gymmy Bob Guest

    I put three of them against each other (stacked) and put a unity PF load
    (kettle=1500w) on them and they are read within 1 watt of each other. I was
    so impressed, even though I had NBS traceable standard calibration equipment
    available, I didn't bother to check them against it.
  3. Guest

    On 2005-01-30 said: (good old "Gymmy Bob")
    You demonstrated their consistency only. How 'bout you save me the
    trouble of setting up a test and check them with that "NBS traceable
    standard" gear. That would be meaningful.

    And thank you for posting it.

    Tom Willmon
    near Mountainair, (mid) New Mexico, USA

    Net-Tamer V 1.12.0 - Registered
  4. Gymmy Bob

    Gymmy Bob Guest

    I will try to remember to do that one day soon. Their stated accuracy is
    quite impressive for a cheapo device. IIRC their stated accuracy is better
    than our traceable standards...LOL
  5. In another life I worked in the instrumentation shop of a large
    manufacturer. Everything we had was NIST traceable, including test
    weights and stuff.

    I was fun to plug the "shop standard voltage source" into the "shop
    standard voltmeter".

    Also fun was to place a "shop standard weight" on a "shop standard

    They never agreed completely.
  6. mikell

    mikell Guest

    Just received a unit yesterday and took it to work to test it. We have 3
    meters in our lab and none are in cal so I just compared it then went and
    got a caled unit 3 - 1000 watts it was within 1 watt at 1k and dead on till
    about 600. It was just a quick test. I sent my bench meter to be set up and
    caled and another guy said my test proved nothing and the KAW was junk.His
    meter was +6 watts off at 70 and I didn't bother to check it any further my
    bench unit was off -2 at 100. Tomorrow I'll raise the issue at the weekly
    meeting and piss him off because he will have to red tag a bunch of test.
    I'm going to order 6 more tomorrow for reference testing only and just keep
    an eye on them because I don't think they can be caled. The units we use are
    about 3500$ each.

  7. Gymmie Bob

    Gymmie Bob Guest

    Does this mean your rolling days are over or should we just <plonk> ya right

  8. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    Gymmie, do you ever add anything useful to a conversation? On my other
    machine I had you plonked weeks ago.

  9. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    Yeah, he's in my killfile as well, I don't see much point in reading whatever
    it's writing.
  10. Gymmie Bob

    Gymmie Bob Guest

    Try more fibre. You'll feel better. Grid prices too low for ya' and you're
    depressed or what?
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