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KiCAD, setting board size

Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    How does one specify "board size" in KiCad ..?

    When I try to "Autoplace All Modules" all I get is:
    "No edge PCB, Unknown board size!"

    I just tested with a simple design.
  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Select "Edges PCB" as the active layer (the combo box up on top) and
    draw in your edges with the drawing tools.
  3. Marra

    Marra Guest

    You need to buy some decent software !

    I paid £20 for mine and it doesnt spit the dummy if there is no PCB
    outline !
  4. Guest

    Sure, but paying to have your files hostage is not sometime I want.
    I found the solution to the problem anyway.

    Also the files used are text ones, so it's very easy to automate things with
    scripts. Or rescue broken files, should it ever be needed.

    Product EOL will also not cause any development brickwall.
  5. Marra

    Marra Guest

    What brickwall ?
    My software does everything I ask of it.
    My vendor says if I think of an idea for an improvement then he would
    add it and send me a new copy free !

    What broken files ?
    My software has never had any broken files coz its not full of bugs !

    Its all very commendable having open source but something done for
    nothing is rarely as good as something bought.
  6. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

    You need to adjust your understanding of "open source". Neither open
    source nor free software preclude you from charging huge fees for the
    software you create (I work for Red Hat, a company that sells Free

    Plus, your estimate of open source's quality is very lacking - I hear
    lots of testimonials from people saying that their open source
    software is far more usable and reliable than the proprietary software
    they had been using. Sure, it depends on the user and the software,
    but you can't generalize.
  7. Guest

    Product EOL will also not cause any development brickwall.
    Suppose your CAD company is bought by an invenstor that mismanage the company.
    Your access to your own designs will be at the mercy of that management.
    Your software does whatever your vendor sees fit.
    If they decide not to implement you'r stuck with that decision.
    Market research for free to the company.
    Your discs, operating system, user handling, application bugs, any can
    trigger a trashed file.
    Infact in the I read a posting about a ms-xp user that
    downloaded photos from an usb memory that got his files trashed. All pointing
    to the driver. Despite being so standard these days.
    Most software contains bugs, most are not disclosed. Just google on 'full
    disclosure' to see the corporate management of bugs (deny deny).
    There was a reason as to why free software was created in the first place.
    Many reasons boils down to how the economy is organised. People without
    proper technical knowhow takes decisions on technical details. Or are so
    inconsiderate to the whole picture that it's a cause for failure by itself.

    Haveing a monetary drive behind a project is only as good as the structure
    organising it.
  8. Guest

    Load a schematic from a pirated version, and have YOUR design files
    voided by the vendors will:

    Seems the EDA business is plagued by the buy-and-terminate business tactics.
    Not a good playfield for stable worktool.
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