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keyless entry module Ford Econoline

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Ventura, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Ventura

    Ventura Guest


    would appreciate a clue :)

    can someone point me to the physical location
    of the factory keyless entry system
    control module
    on my 2006 Econoline Van (lowtop conversion package)

    thanks in advance

  2. Ventura

    Ventura Guest

    FYI update

    as I suspected, all the wiring to do a nice Mobile Alarm
    install was in fact right there in the wiring harness at
    the location of the keyless entry module

    it took me a month to locate the dang thing, taking
    panels off the van one by one.

    I went to 5 professional installers, and 2 Ford dealers,
    who all told me there was no actual module, that it was
    integrated into the harness, that it could not be disabled.
    The installers refused to remove and replace, insisting
    the only way they would install was leaving the old system
    active, and installing a new system near the steering column.
    (i offered all 5 the job, but insisted they had to
    do a true R&R... they all refused)

    bullshit... so i did it myself... and i was right

    the module is located above the fuel line reset switch
    on the passenger side

    the module unplugs, and disabling the keyless section
    is obvious... slide the circuit board out of the plastic
    housing, snip the dipole aluminum antenna off, snip the
    tuning coil off the small circuit board and put it back
    in place, plug it back in. (the relays for the door locks
    are also in the module, so you need to leave that section working)

    removing the lower knee panel facing the passenger seat, there is
    plenty of room to locate a new control module. I used an Omega.
    Schock, door Piezo, Hood, vacuum sensor, and a small radar.

    there is also a physical cutoff keyswitch added inline on the
    fuel power line, so during long periods of storage, the van
    is also further protected from theft (can't start it if
    it won't pump any gas)

    now my van AND it's contents are protected, and a crook with
    a set of Ford codes can't bypass the new alarm system.

    I do thank the few folks who gave me a clue or 2, but i also
    feel it is kind of sad that Mobile Alarm installers are of
    such narrow focused "one install fits all" mentality, and
    refusing to listen that it's not so much the VAN i want to
    protect, but it's COntents... hence i could not accept allowing
    the old keyless entry module to be left active.


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