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Kenwood Amp KA-3500

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mike Wilson, Nov 5, 2003.

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  1. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Guest

    Hi all
    Does anybody know where I might be able to find a online repair manual for a
    Kenwood KA-3500
    A person that responded to one of my messages gave me a phone number to call
    to get a hard copy manual, however the phone number is out of service.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Rod2414738

    Rod2414738 Guest

    Try Pacific Coast Parts ( Enter the site as a guest and
    follow the links to determine if they have a manual for your amp and what the
    cost is. I've used them before, their service is good with quick shipping.

  3. East Coast Transistor Parts 800-645-3516

    number was good as of a couple days ago.

    My experience is that on older Kenwoods, only the schematic and not the full
    manual would be available.

    Mark Z.
  4. JR3611

    JR3611 Guest

    If you are in the usa, I have a service manual for Kenwood KA-3500 (1976)
    that I can send you, we normally sell them for $10.00, but this one is only
    9 pages so $5.00 will cover it and mailing cost.

  5. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Guest

    If it only has 9 pages I guess it doesn't have any tech data on it like, the
    read out of the cruit boards, trouble shooting stuff.ETC What I'm looking
    for the a repair manual, not a owner's manual, already have a owner's
    manaual that I downloaded.
  6. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Guest

    Thanks Mark
    I'll try the number again
  7. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Guest

    Tried the link for on-line manuals, says that it's under construction. I'll
    try the phone number again.
    Thanks very much.
  8. JR3611

    JR3611 Guest

    No it is not an owners manual. It is a service manual. It has all the data
    needed for a service person. PC boards layouts, the schematic, parts list.

    No it is not a repair guide for this model. No such thing.

  9. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Guest

    Ok sounds cool
    I was thinking, if you could scan it and save the images as a JPG files and
    email them to me, I could save on the postage, you would still have the
    manual and I'll send you a check for $5.00 sound good? let me know.
    my email address is
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