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Kenwood 4070 Receiver

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by TERRY AMP KATHLEE BAXTER, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. Hello,

    I have a Kenwood 4070 receiver and I can not get any output. When I turn
    the rotary switch on, the lights on the tuner etc come on however nothing
    works, no am/fm signal is detect etc. I can hear a hum in the transformer
    so I think that is ok. The fuses also check out ok. I notice the rotary
    speaker switch which servers as the power switch also has two fairly large
    wires connect to it. I assume this the ac lead and return. To check out
    this switch does anyone know if I could short these two wires together to
    see if the switch is defective, (by pass the switch)?. Please let me know
    since I would like to repair this unit however I do not have any repair
    manuals etc for this unit. Any feedback would be appreciated on
    troubleshooting this problem.


  2. Although all transformers hum, a very noticeable hum may indicate an
    excessive load, like something shorted in the power supply or amp circuit.

    Nobody here is likely to tell you to short anything in the AC area, for
    safety reasons, but yes, you are correct that the two wires you see at the
    gray box-switch can be safely shorted. This switch went bad quite a bit on
    the 4070, and replacements are no longer available.

    Symptoms included dial lights flashing, intermittent or no operation, and
    since the switch was often arcing, it would cause interference in nearby AM

    Mark Z.
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