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KDS 19" monitor problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Larry C, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Larry C

    Larry C Guest

    I have a KDS XF-9b monitor (19") that is about 14 months old. Recently it
    started having a problem that I will try and describe. After it has been on
    for a while (less time required lately) the screen will almost blank out for
    a millisecond or two, then it comes back to normal. This is usually
    preceeded by an electrical snap. Now I am also getting a series of snaps
    when the monitor first comes on or out of standby mode.

    I have tried degausing and I have also removed the cover and blasted away
    all the dust I could. No change in the symptoms.

    I'm no electronics tech, so I gues I am hoping for a possible "dummies" fix.
    I hate to go shopping for a new monitor when this one is only a little over
    a year old.

    Your help is appreciated!
  2. Not quite enough information for a solid conclusion (no fault of
    yours), but you've given a good enough description to tell me that
    possibly it's a malfunctioning/intermittently shorting CRT. A shop may
    be able to take care of this by "buzzing" the CRT (cleaning the
    cathodes and/or blowing away the short with a device designed for that
    purpose), but it's a crapshoot at best.

  3. mistermaniac

    mistermaniac Guest

    Looks like the HV to the CRT is flying to somewhere else, like yo
    described as the electrical snap
  4. Cyrus

    Cyrus Guest

  5. Larry C

    Larry C Guest

    Thanks for all the feedback. I was digging through my reciepts and manuals
    looking for the warrantee info before I made this post. I found the owners
    manual, but there isn't any warrantee info in it. Of course I haven't found
    the receipt yet either.

    I'll keep looking and hope for the best. Since this baby was on sale for $99
    bucks after rbate, maybe I got what I payed for :(
  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Well yeah, but it's still worth looking into the warranty. They might cover
    it just based on the serial number.
  7. I've seen similar with a hard disk drive...if the manufacture date was
    within the warranty period, the warranty status was obvious, and the
    company (Fujitsu) honoured the warranty.

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