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karaoke machine

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by me_myself_and_I, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. Is it possible to make a karaoke machine to plug into my dvd player so I can
    use Karaoke DVD's.

    I want to make something like this:-

    Or would I be best just going and buying the above one?

    Cheers John
  2. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    me_myself_and_I() slammed into the keyboard with a 100-lbs
    You'd be best buying this one.
  3. Genome

    Genome Guest

    A simple answer would be Yes, go and buy that one.

    However, you appear to be even more deeply disturbed than myself. Makes
    note, must try harder.

    Alternatively, and I am assuming you are living on your own, you might have
    a look next to your toilet. If you are lucky you'll find this thing called a
    'bog brush' next to it. If you don't then you need to go and buy one, they
    are very useful for some reason or another... oh yes, scraping off the piss
    tide mark.

    You will also have some unused condoms, rubbers, johnnies, skins lying
    around from when you last experimented with them. Alone again, naturally.
    Now stretch one of them over the bristly end of your bog brush (you might
    need to practice if they are not super strength) and....... Presto!!!!!
    Instant Bographone.

    Give it a go. Stick your karaoke DVD in the player and wail into your brand
    new Bographone. Try some way cool dance moves as well. Of course the facial
    expressions just come naturally.

    Once you have mastered that you can invite friends around. Either ask them
    to bring their bog brushes around for conversion or buy some more. Hours of
    fun as they try to convert their bog brushes to Bographones with Durex
    UltraSensitive. Snigger, you bastard you..... Hee Hee.

    Now you can all take turns or do duets or even ramp it up for a charity get
    together with invited guests. It's a party!!! Invite the neighbors, let's
    face it they'll be beating on your door to..... 'join in'.

    Once you've got them you might suggest a bit of 'line dancing'.

    Oh, shit..... the road to recovery!!!!

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