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JVC VCR S-5990AM Counter Problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Guest

    Hi All,
    I have a JVC S-5990AM VCR. I bought it 2nd hand and thanks to the SCI
    Electronics pdf guide, have cleaned the heads satisfactorily and
    improved the picture tracking by adjusting the heads and rollers.

    However. :)
    I'm not sure if it's through my "tuning" or it was an existing
    problem, but the counter doesn't work accurately when I rewind tapes.
    Generally it doesn't count as the tape starts rewinding and then
    'wakes up' after a little while (usually 2-7 minutes of tape, so that
    when the cassette is fully rewound the counter reads somewhere between
    2 and 7+ minutes instead of 0:00:00.
    In forward direction it seems fine.

    Any ideas?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    I must say I find Panasonic and Sony machines far more intuitive/
    logical to operate, but it is so hard to find a good quality VCR these
    days, I want to try and stick with this one if I can.

    Many thanks, J
  2. John Ferrier

    John Ferrier Guest

    The counter in JVC video recorders works by counting the control pulses
    along the bottom edge of the tape. If you fast forward or rewind a blank
    tape the counter will remain at 00:00:00
    The symptoms you have suggests that the tape to control head alignment is
    poor during initial rewind.
    Check how the tape travels across the audio control head you will probably
    see it riding up or down slightly.
    This might be due to a worn pinch roller or some misalignment.

    Cheers John.

  3. Definitely skipping control pulses at the control head. My HR-S6600 did the
    same thing. I slightly bent the guide arm (half-load arm) to fix it.

    Mark Z.
  4. Guest

    Many thanks Mark & John!

    I'll open her up again, sounds like i definitely misalligned it when I
    tuned the picture when I first bought it.
    Bendingthe guide arm sounds scary to an amateur, I assume the idea is
    just to put slightly more pressure on the tape at that point. (common
    sense prevailing with the amount of pressure applied to the arm) :)

    Cheers, J
  5. The idea is to keep the tape from riding up (or down) excessively at the
    control head gap during rewind. If you observe the portion of the tape which
    is extended to the audio / control head during rewind you can see it sort of
    bouncing around.

    My HR-S6600U was an early model from around 1991. If it had previously seen
    the clear leader at the beginning of the tape, it though it "knew" where the
    beginning was and would essentially ignore the reel sensor pulses and "slam"
    the beginning of the tape if the counter had not approached zero due to the
    inaccurate pulse count from the control head. Slammed it so hard the
    mechanism would jam. If the tape had been inserted with no clear leader
    showing, it was never a problem. I really fought that one, and even had an
    argument with a JVC engineer over it.

    (I won the argument. Later models did not suffer from this.)

    Mark Z.
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