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JVC VCR replace/repair question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by fred, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. fred

    fred Guest

    We have an almost 10-year-old JVC VCR, pretty simple and low end.

    There are two problems with it (darn kids...):

    1. The door that covers the opening where the cassette goes fell off and
    I can't get it back in. Obviously, this is an invitation for dust and
    other contaminents to mess the thing up quickly.

    2. The reverse button was pushed in and there's just a hole where it
    should go - been that way for probably four years now, and we've lived
    with it, but now because of 1 above, I'm looking to get it fixed too.

    Everyone's first reaction is going to be, oh just buy a new VCR; it's
    not worth paying what a repair will cost. Except...

    1. We have a JVC TV, and I'd like to be able to control the VCR with the
    TV remote and vice-versa. So I'd need a JVC VCR, right? Or are most
    TV/VCR remotes able to control products of other manufacturers?

    2. There aren't a lot of available choices any more for VCRs. I have a
    DVD player, so I don't want a combo. I just want a low-end gadget that
    plays movies my kids get from the library, and that might record a
    football game or two if I'm out. Nothing more.

    So suggestions please - repair or replace? And if replace, with what?
  2. Rono

    Rono Guest

    I do a lot more T.V.'s than VCR's these days, but I tell
    everyone, if your older (good quality VCR), is not shot,
    free to lok at it, & it's likely to be worth repair, & will
    outlast anything out there now! Rono.
  3. b

    b Guest

    fred ha escrito:
    look for a little peg which has probably snapped off one edge of the
    flap, this forms the hinge. superglue it on and , with a bit of flexing
    of the flap, you should get it to pop back into place. Note that the
    door is raised by a lever attached to the casette basket, observe its
    position. If you can't find the broken piece, you may have to make
    something instead.
    open the machine, remove the front panel and see if you can glue that
    button back onto the panel with silicone glue which will allow it to
    move a bit when set.
    depends on the age. older ones mostly only had the codes preprogrammed
    for that manufacturer's curent line.
    if the heads, transport and tuner etc. are in good shape, then repair
    your vcr. Or simply look around for a decent hifi streo model from the
    likes of panasonic, Akai, poss. Toshiba, or sony going cheap from
    someone who has upgraded to DVD. many people are practically giving
    them away.
  4. nst1

    nst1 Guest

    I know it sounds kind of obvious but eBay is always a good place t
    look. You might even be able to find the same make and model as yours
    maybe even in prisine condition. Or you could opt for a higher tie
    model such as an S-VHS deck, which can also be controlled by the TV'
    remote. You can then sell your one on there and use the cash to g
    towards the new one
  5. nolsar

    nolsar Guest

    Try yardsales, I`ve seen 4 head hi-fi vcrs at yardsales working for $5 or
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