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JVC VCR HR-S6965 Repair Assistance

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. Guest


    My colleague and I are trying to repair his JVC VCR HR-S6965 which was
    recently subject to a power surge. It appears that some components in
    the PSU have blown and we are trying to locate a schematic for this
    circuit so we can debug it and repair.

    Also, one of the transistors in this area of the circuit (Q5102) which
    appears to have the part number 2SD1450 appears to have become
    obsolete since manufacture and we were wondering if anyone knew of a
    'drop-in' replacement part?

    Many thanks for any help!!
  2. Pinballer

    Pinballer Guest

    2SD1450 = ECG 2361
  3. Guest


    Thanks for the prompt response! I can't seem to find that product code
    in RS or Farnell's catalogue however... Do you know of any stores in
    the uk that sell this part?
  4. Could that have been a 2SD1458 ? I've seen a number of those used in vcr
    switchers... and they are available.

    Mark Z.
  5. Guest

    Ok, thanks fellas, will try some of these suggestions out!
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