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JVC VCR HR-S5901 problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by iBug, Oct 30, 2003.

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  1. iBug

    iBug Guest

    Well, here is my problem. After a power surge, this VCR is dead. It's
    about 2 years old, and I had no problems with it until then. I took it to a
    repair shop, and they are going to charge me at least $80 for estimate and
    repairs. I was told that I am better of getting a new one.
    Well, it's a nice unit, and I suspect that all it needs is a replacement
    PSU. Is it something I can easily buy and replace at home? I am not sure I
    want to part with it if it's an easy fix. Is $80 a fair price to pay to get
    it repaired?
    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance,

  2. Later model vcr's mostly don't have separate replaceable power supplies -
    they're built in to the main board. Repairs, when feasible, are done to the
    component level, replacing whatever individual parts are bad.

    Mark Z.
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