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jvc vcr hr-s2911u

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tom Postma, May 2, 2004.

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  1. Tom Postma

    Tom Postma Guest

    We had a power outage while the vcr was playing and it blew a fuse when
    the power came back on ,i replaced the fuse which blew instantly,i
    replaced that one with a 1.6a ( the original was a1.25a)thinking that
    the motor might be jammed as the vcr is in the on position,it also blew
    instantly,is there a way i can get the tape out and try another fuse or
    is there something else wrong.Thanks for all replies.Tom
  2. WEBPA

    WEBPA Guest

    We had a power outage while the vcr was playing and it blew a fuse when
    It is pretty likely that your VCR has been destroyed beyond economical repair.
    Unless the current market price for your (exact, specific) VCR is more than
    US$500, or if it is under a comprehensive repair/replace warranty, then you
    should donate it as-is to a charity and buy another.

    If you have plenty of time and cost is no real object....start by re-building
    the SMPS, then replace the control CPU, then the tuner. After've
    really replaced the whole machine.
  3. There's no reason to think the cpu or tuner are involved. Just the power
    supply. No place for a newbie, though.

    Mark Z.
  4. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    I certainly would NOT suspect the TUNER or the CPU..... neither one would
    most likely NOT be responsible for the fuse blowing in the power supply.
    The problem is very likely in the power supply itself and may be quite
    economical to fix depending on what is wrong..... could be just a shorted
    switching transistor, shorted diode, bad cap, etc. Not a fix for a newbie,
    take it to a shop for at the very least a repair cost estimate so you can
    make an intelligent repair decision..... and DON'T try putting in more
    fuses, this could damage more parts.
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