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JVC TV query

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by planet, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. planet

    planet Guest

    I have an old JVC television model AV-S250EKT. What is happening is that
    usually only one pre-set channel can be viewed and usually in black/white.
    Ocasionally tho' all pre-set channels can be viewed in colour. A friend
    said there is a fault with the "memory box" and the TV is not holding the
    pre-sets. Can anyone advise me of what this "memory box" is, what might be
    another name for it? and would there be any still in existence? Or is
    there some other part which might be more readily available that would fix
    this problem? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks,

  2. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    The fault is most likely the 'Station select module' as they call it.
    Basically its the 50 pins soldered in 4x4" board that contains the eeprom
    device & a few other ic's.
    The small SMD electrolytics fail and are possibly leaking.
    You may be lucky and just by changing the electrolytics can effect a cure.
    The acid that has leaked can often corrode the print, especially around the
    MN1229 memory IC. The copper print also goes through the board around the
    small holes and its here that acid will do the most damage.
    I'm not sure if all these boards are still available. For a few years they
    weren't, then due to demand batches were made again. they cost £50-60
    though... the economy of the repair is now borderline..
    You need to be good with an iron to repair or replace one.

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