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JVC TV - horizonal lines at bottom of screen

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by rob77, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. rob77

    rob77 Guest

    Hey all... I've got an old (1996?) JVC AV-27BP6 27" television with

    After it warms up for a minute or two, some horizontal black line
    start to appear on the bottom of the screen. They flicker and scroll
    bit, often reaching halfway up the screen and distorting the picture
    There are anywhere from 5-25 lines, sort of a venetian blind effect
    Hitting the side of the tv usually makes them go away for 5-10 minutes
    but lo and behold they return!

    I know that this is an oldish tv and is probably not worth doing an
    major repairs to, but I'm wondering if this is something that I coul
    fix myself without being an expert (I do have some very rudimentar
    electronic repair skills). I'd like to avoid replacing the tv becaus
    besides those lines the picture is great, plus I'm on quite a tigh
    budget these days and really only use it occasionally for movies
    Because the hitting seems to work it makes me think there's a loos
    connection somewhere...

    If anyone is familiar with this sort of problem and could point me i
    the right direction for a fix, I'd be *greatly* appreciative
  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    It is best to indicate the manufacture name and model number.

    In a general context, troubleshoot for thermo sensitive capacitors in
    the vertical deflection amplifier section. It is also possible because
    of the age of your set, there are a fair number of capacitors that are
    going high in ESR, and will eventually cause other types of failures.

    Jerry Greenberg
  3. kip

    kip Guest

    Jerry put your glasses on..
  4. rob77

    rob77 Guest

    I was told the problem is quite possibly a loose vertical ic connection
    spoke with two people with similar models who fixed it by applying
    little bit of solder.... since I have nothing to lose there, figure
    I'd give it a shot. But how to figure out which part that is once th
    tv's opened up? Are there any telltale signs I should look for?
  5. sofie

    sofie Guest

    This problem you are seeing is most likely NOT a "loose vertical ic
    connection" and is probably NOT going to be solved by "applying a little bit
    of solder" ..... More than likely, as others that have replied to your
    original post have indicated, the problem is caused by faulty and/or high
    ESR electrolytics in and around the vertical deflection circuitry. Not a
    difficult or expensive repair at a shop but not necessarily a do it yourself
    job for a rank novice..... particularly since televisions can pose a
    dangerous electrical shock hazard even when unplugged from the AC power.
    TAKE it to a shop for at the very least a repair cost estimate so you can
    make an intelligent repair decision with facts instead of Internet guesses.
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