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JVC S-VHS HR-S9400U shutting off

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Antonio, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Antonio

    Antonio Guest

    Hi all,
    I have a JVC HR-S9400U VCR that was "shutting off" (dead) when a tape
    was inserted. I suspected of E.Capacitors in power supply and some
    E.Caps in mainboard. I checked all eletrolitics and resistors in the
    supply and some in mainboard and all seems to be ok. Suddenly, four
    days later the vcr was working normally. One month later the problem
    was back. Then i checked the supply again (All E.Caps. and Resistors
    and some in mainboard) and all was ok. I thought than problem was in
    the mode swich. I have replaced it and with the service manual help i
    assembled and re-aligned it, but now the unit has the following

    Fault 1
    When I plug it in, the clock shows "--:--" (not flashing). Now, when I
    push the power button while no tape is inserted, the display shows
    "channel au" and the loading motor spins in one direction for 1/2
    second aprox., then in the other direction imediately (the control cam
    gear spin a little in clockwise and vice-versa and control plate slide
    to right and left), then the unit shuts off imediatelly (shows --:--).
    I hear the drum motor noise (it doesn't spin), and nothing happens. If
    I press eject nothing occurs. If i insert a tape (a little bit), the
    unit thinks the tape is fully loaded and the pole base assembly only
    move through about 0,5cm of their full travel sequence, then the unit
    turns off (shows --:--). At no time does the head drum spin (only noise

    Fault 2
    For power surge test purposes, i remember that i was testing this vcr
    without the mechanical assembly in it. It remained "on" until i press
    Power again. Now i can't do that. Turn of in 2
    seconds. Is there a way to make the VCR stay "on" again without the
    mechanical assembly in it.

    I hope you can help me.


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