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JVC RM-C727 Remote

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Jim Thompson, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    JVC RM-C727 Remote

    Any idea how to open it up? I have a dirty switch contact.

    Battery access reveals no screws.

    It's a split case... I just don't know where to goose it without an
    imminent fracture :-(

    ...Jim Thompson
  2. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    Hee hee : )

    My experience has shown that those "switches" are not worth fooling with.
    If it's the plastic-with-black-colored-contact-thing-on-pcb, then opening
    them seems to "let the smoke out." Something about the way those keypads
    are designed, cleaning them with alcohol or water never seems to return them
    to their original working condition. On the other hand, I did fix two
    cordless phones that way, and they were fine... in any case, before trying
    the ol' screwdriver, try compressing either half of the case between thumb
    and forefinger, to see if it opens any. Might be able to determine which
    half does what.

    When the tech installed my cable modem, he hooked it up using one of those
    ethernet --> USB converters. (Blah!) I was able to split it's case with a
    pinch of the fingers along the crease line... a little tricky yes, but
    definately doable. Might want to have your son give it a try, if he's also
    good with his hands.
  3. Yeah, sometimes you have to break one of the snap-fit clips on one side
    to get it apart. Just use a small screwdriver and be somewhat gentle.
    You can always use some glue or tape on it afterwards. I think I've
    done four or five, and they all seem to be like that. The makers don't
    want you to get it apart, they wanna sell you a new one. :-/
  4. I insert a steel ruler (or whatever) into the split and twist. Working
    around the case, judiciously twisting the ruler at various points,
    eventually causes the case to pop apart. Putting it back together sometimes
    requires a few drops of 3m Super Gel glue.
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