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jvc hr-d211 em won't play after stop pressed, etc

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I have a jvc hr-d211 em vcr, that exhibits the following strange
    I insert a tape in and press play and everything works fine. When I
    press stop and then play again the vcr attempts to play , but gives
    up. To make it play , I have to fast forward and rewind (or vice
    versa), and then it will play.

    Another problem I have is that it won't completely rewind all tapes
    (only some). Some other tapes are rewound to a specific point only
    (different for each tape).

    The last problem I have, is that when I program the VCR , when the
    time to record comes, it turns on and the record and pause lamps go
    on. A bit later the pause lamp goes off and a couple of seconds later
    the record lamp goes off too, and nothing gets recorded.

    Anyone can help with the above issues?
    Thank you
  2. Scott Wiper

    Scott Wiper Guest

    So for the cross reply on this posting. I had an old goldstar VCR that did
    the same malfunction.

    The problem lies in your mode switch. This a tiny rotary switch with a bunch
    of wires that is connected to it. The gears that drive this are plastic and
    they can jump teeth and move out of position.

    This will cause the controller that controls your VCR malfunction in the way
    you described. But Your average price for a HI=FI Stereo VCR is about
    $100.00 Canadian.($75.00 US).

    Depending on the age of your VCR this mode gear and switch made not be
    accessible making it difficult to repair.

    If you have further questions you can mail me at the link below. Please do
    not reply to this post directly for the fact my e-mail is munged (Not
  3. Sounds like a bad idler to me. After you press the stop button, the idler
    switches over and takes up slack as the tape retracts into the shell. But
    when you go back to PLAY mode it slips a bit and can't switch back over to
    the right side tape hub to once again take up the slack - then the tape
    starts to spool out, and the machine stops. Had one like this recently, in

    Mark Z.
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