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JVC DV camera lens stuck?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by xygt, Jan 15, 2005.

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  1. xygt

    xygt Guest

    Hi, we have a JVC DV camera 16x optical and 700x digital zoom, model #
    GR-D70AA that is 18 months old now. It now displays a "lens cap" and
    auto-focus error messages on the display, and also shows no picture on the
    LCD or the B/W viewfinder. Normal picture if you playback a known recorded
    There only seems to be one repairer here in Adelaide for JVC, and I don't
    have a personal loan to pay for the expected quote. Anyone found this
    before, and there anything I could look at first?

  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Could easily be one of those darn "mico fuse" circuit protector PITA

    Camcorders are SMD f****g nightmares - enter at your peril !!!

    ................ Phil
  3. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    Hi, we have a JVC DV camera 16x optical and 700x digital zoom, model #
    Don't have the original on my news server???

    I would go directly back to JVC Australia and ask them
    to sort it out free of charge. Tell them you expect their
    products to last for more than 18 months and ask if they
    agree with your sentiments.

    Mike Harding
  4. Pita is a type of flat bread.

    A picofuse is a miniature fuse. Looks more like a small metal film
    resistor, except without the coloured bands. Often a greenish or bluish
    coloured ceramic body with the fuse current rating written on the outside.
    Commonly used on PC motherboards to protect power supply rails feeding USB,
    PS2 ports etc. Also found in various other electronic devices.

  5. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Not in those Digital camcorders, they are more like a small black square
    about the size of the end of a pin.!!...
    SMD in Camcorders has now got so damm small, you cannot use a hot air tool
    without the risk of other parts moving, or loosing..
    basically a Digital Camcorder has all the electronics of a PC mother board,
    shrunk into a small hand device, and also included a tape loading mechanism
    and a lens unit..
    So I would agree, get in touch with the JVC service agent, and see if they
    can extend the warranty, sometimes they will cover the Parts , but you will
    have to cover the labour..
  6. The comments were more about the previous poster's comment as follows -

    "> > ** Could easily be one of those darn "mico fuse" circuit protector
    PITA thingies."

    I don't disagree with your observation re SMDs, just I've never heard of a
    "PITA thingie".
    I would guess the poster was referring to a picofuse.


    BTW. I agree, working on some equipment which uses SMD is a nightmare.
    Especially on those flexible PCB assemblies found so commonly in cameras and
    camcorders these days. Needless to say I direct all those problems to
    people with the patience of a saint. :)
  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    The Rutmaniac Arsehole.

    ** A right " Pain In The Arse " is what the Rutmaniac is all about.

    ** Then you guessed WRONG - as per usual - FUCKHEAD.

    The Lilliputian fuse devices in camcorder SMD boards are know by several
    names, including "circuit protectors" - but they are not NOT

    ** Not someone with the attitude of Beelzebub and the IQ of a demented
    chimp - like yourself.

    ............... Phil
  8. Okay Mr. Pedantic (I know nothing and a total idiot) Allison,

    You reckon you're so full of answers and always ever so correct - NOT, how
    come you got it wrong?

    What then is a "mico fuse"?

    What then is a "PITA thingie"?

    To quote you Phil Allison - "The Lilliputian fuse devices in camcorder SMD
    boards are know by several names, including "circuit protectors" - but
    they are NOT "picofuses"." So they are a "mico fuse" or a "PITA thingie"
    are they?

    I guess you don't see many in toasters or Quad ESLs do you Toaster-Boy?

  9. xygt

    xygt Guest

    Thanks heaps for the advice all. I'll try the JVC direct option first, as my
    skills are with arcade pcb's and not newer micro circuits. I'll post again
    to advice how it goes.

    Thanks again,
  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "That criminal, net stalking FUCKHEAD from Northbridge WA known as the

    ** A simple typo for " micro fuse " - a generic title for SMD fuse

    ** An *out of context* selection from my comment phrased in colloquial,
    ie spoken English style:

    " Could easily be one of those darn "micro fuse" circuit protector PITA
    thingies "

    Nothing a pig ignorant, malicious piece of human garbage like Alan Kendall
    Rutlidge could appreciate.

    ............. Phil
  11. Ooooh, you are a bit touchy today aren't you Phil?

    Having a bit of a problem with those toasters are you?

    You still haven't explained what a "PITA thingie" is. Seems so "out of
    character" (sic) that you would make an *out of context* statement, seeing
    you are constantly accusing others of doing just the same. Is there one
    rule for Phil Allison and another for everybody else?

    Now folks, let's just observe how Phil explains this with his usual
    superlatives and strings of abuse.

    Talk about "pig ignorant"..........

  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Alan Rutlidge = Autistic ****

    ** I just did - you anencephalic prick.

    ** Still cannot comprehend ordinary English to save your miserable life -

    Good thing you only have to regurgitate ex Telstra training manuals to
    ignorant morons to make a few bob.

    Be totally destitute otherwise.

    ................... Phil
  13. Yeah, I'm doing sooooooooo badly these days I have to rent a dumpy little
    bed-sit flat and fix toasters for a living. As if!

    You're just so jealous that I'm successful and you are such a disappointing
    You must be such an embarrassment to your family. You know - flunking out
    of uni, reduced to toaster repairs, had to sell you beloved Quad ESLs and
    now listening to an antique Sony CDP-101 CD player on a pair of Jaycar kit
    speakers. What's next - the dole?

  14. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    The Rutmaniac=

    ** Posting idiotic lies only makes the Rumaniac look an even bigger jerk.

    The one thing the Rutmaniac really excels at.

    ** From being unceremoniously *dumped by Telstra* to a one man job agency
    with one client is no success.

    ** Lies, lies, lies.....

    ** The Sony plays CDs perfectly - plus it is NOT a scam product on the
    way down the gurgler like the SACD shite the Rutmaniac constantly publicly
    masturbates about.

    ................ Phil
  15. The claim of lie telling is now for you to prove. Bet you can't.
    Once again the onus of proof is on you Phil Allison. You reckon you have
    all the evidence, post it here for all to see.

    Your unsubstantiated claims are -

    1) I was "dumped by Telstra".

    2) My company is a job agency.

    3) We have only one client. If so, why don't you name that so called one
    and only client?

    Publish your evidence here. I'm waiting.

    1) So you did complete your degree at uni?

    2) You've never owned a pair of Quad ESLs?

    3) It isn't well know in this NG and aus.hi-fi that you repair toasters?

    I never said the Sony CDP-101 doesn't play CDs. The CDP-101 went on sale in
    Australia in 1983, so by digital hi-fi standards it is an "antique". At
    over 20 years old and probably has been repaired at least once, spare parts
    are most likely becoming rare, so its days are probably numbered.

    Remember Phil, you made the claims which I say are false. The onus of proof
    is now your responsibility. As I have said before; you are full of bulldust
    and bravado, hiding behind your keyboard in your rented little bed-set. You
    constantly make unsubstantiated claims falsely believing you are impressing
    other readers in this newsgroup. You are nothing short of a serial pest.

  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    The Rutmaniac lying fuckwit farted again

    "Phil Allison"

    ** The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the claim maker.

    Each of the above claims is a baseless lie.

    ** Course you were - Telstra disbanded its internal training.

    ** With one client - yourself.

    ** No relevance to any of the blatant ** LIES ** you claimed were facts.

    ** Antique = high class and valuable item.

    ** The only falsehoods are all coming from the Rutmaniac.

    Lies are his stock in trade.

    Especially about himself.

    ............... Phil
  17. Phil didn't answer the question

    Phil, didn't answer this one either.

    Phil didn't need to answer this one. Everyone knows the answer.
    Absolutely relevant. You started the personal stuff.
    The Sony CDP-101 ia a 20+ year old 1st generation CD player. If you could
    find a working one it would be going for about $20 at Cash Converters or you
    local pawn shop.
    Bulldust. Yawn
    More bulldust. Yawn.
    Notice how Phil Allison is attempting to shift the spotlight off himself.
    Let's just put it back on him where it belongs for a moment or two.

    1) Phil Allison did own a pair of Quad ESL57s. He later disposed of them
    and purchased a pair of Quad ESL63s from a Sydney hi-fi dealer who he later
    sued. Still deny owning the Quads?

    2) You did fail at uni.

    3) Phil Allison is universally recognised as a toaster repairman.

    He makes up false accusations about other people and their businesses.
    When confronted to publicly explain himself he dodges the issues and offers
    no proof.

    As I've said before. Phil Allison suffering from "little mans syndrome"
    with a touch of Tourette's chucked in for good measure is a self proclaimed
    "know it all" and a newsgroup troll not to mention a cyber-stalker.

    Go back to where you came from Phil. You are depriving some poor village of
    its idiot.

  18. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    The Rutmaniac FUCKWIT
    "Phil Allison"

    ** Not relevant at all.

    ** Nope - it was your idea to do that back on December 12 - ****

    ** Non relevant to how well one that IS working works.

    Only relevant to some absurd audiophool fuckwit's snob value logic.

    ** Post a ref. where I denied owning Quads - YOU FUCKING LIAR !!!

    ** Errrr - shame how that ref. says the exact bloody opposite - you
    stinking LIAR !!!!

    3) Phil Allison is universally recognised as a toaster repairman.

    ** Errr - like "Superman" is universally recognised as a person who can

    ** Shame what a bloody fest of doing just that you are having.

    Shame how you cannot answer my critiques.

    ** All the proof ever needed was in your own words - you ridiculous LIAR

    Now I dare you own up who Dean Usher is to you.

    Before I do.

    ................. Phil
  19. Correction, you started cyber-stalking me years ago. You even sent faxes to
    me at my workplace.
    Remember the mains capacitor debate? You fool.
    By who's interpretation? You delusional idiot. Try reading it again you
    Want me to post another reference to push a point? Plenty more where that
    came from.
    Yeah, the sad thing is Superman was a fictional character. You
    unfortunately are a newsgroup reality, and a nasty one at that.
    I don't know Dean Usher other than he/she/it is another newsgroup poster who
    has posted in aus.hi-fi and possibly a few other newsgroups. I've read a
    few of the posts by Dean Usher.

    You on the other hand seem to think you know all about Dean Usher. You
    published a pack of defamatory stuff about him then placed two links in
    seperate posts to the wrong Dean Usher who is a web developer at How stupid can you get? Just in case you are
    conveninently trying to dodge the issue I'll repost your post to refresh
    your memory.

    Pretty nasty stuff considering the Dean Usher at isn't the
    Dean Usher who posted in recently. But you were more than
    prepared to blab you mouth off at him, name a website and try to convince
    everyone just how much of a arrogant troll you really are. Stupid little
    naughty boy Philip Allison - always (in his own mind) absolutely 100% sure
    of the "facts". Pity he always gets it SO WRONG.

    BTW: I still allege you have no university qualifications (i.e. a degree in
    anything other than bullshit of course).
    Do what little man? Spank me?
    Phil Allison you need to get a life. Why don't you find a new newsgroup to
    post your stupid garbage to?

  20. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    The Rutmaniac psycho babbled incoherently :

    ** Errr - at your express request.

    ** Sure ????????????

    ** It says the direct bloody opposite.

    ** Really - I think you know Dean Usher ( deanus4u ) rather well.

    ** **** you right up.

    .................... Phil
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