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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Ticking smps , caused by failing hot side electro on the supply V for the
    switching ic driver. Uprated and smps is stable putting out right sorts of
    higher DC , according to the schematics.
    But the LV 3.3V etc regulators seem to be waiting for a control signal.
    No display, no fan , no button function and flow chart on e-service is in
    Russian but I suspect like the error code page needs the display up and
    running . Is there something very basic to do or mantra to say?
  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Broken land number 23 on the main ribbon meant 17V supply was going nowhere,
    not me honest, I always wrap proper cloth tape around these ribbon ends , to
    beef them up, before inserting them. Someone else had tried repairing this
    one. All functions seem to be returned as far as not connected up to a
    screen is concerned so far.
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