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JVC Camcorder Repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Nelson, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Nelson

    Nelson Guest

    My kid has a JVC VHS Camcorder, Model GR-SXM250U which stopped
    working... the image through the lens doesn't appear on the LCD display
    and instead it reports that the lens cover is on which, of course, it

    I am hesitant to take it apart because of my preconceived notions that
    it will be intricate, full of proprietary circuits, and nearly
    impossible to troubleshoot without a manual/circuit diagram.

    Since it is older analog model, my presumption also is that it would
    cost more to have it professionally repaired than to buy a new one.

    Has anyone had any experience with one of these or a similar one? Or
    point me to a source of information?

  2. Guest

    Has anyone had any experience with one of these or a similar one? Or

    If you live in US read this post:

    I think your camera is in the list.

  3. Nelson

    Nelson Guest


    Thanks so much. It looks like that is exactly the problem and the fix.
    I had begin to research the subject and found some other references to
    a class action suit because of the widespread nature of the problem,
    but I hadn't found this one. Looks like JVC got proactive to head off
    the suit.

    Thanks again for the pointer.
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