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JVC camcorder parts...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by AL A., Aug 10, 2003.

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  1. AL A.

    AL A. Guest

    Hi all,
    I have a JVC camcorder on which the electronic viewfinder first got
    intermittent, then stopped working altogether.
    I spent a long time getting it apart, and found that the little flexable
    printed circuit cable that connects the viewfinder
    to the rest of the camera had broken across several of the traces where it
    flexes to let you position the eyepiece.

    This is an older unit, I am wondering if anyone here knows if parts such as
    this are available anywhere, and where I might
    order one.

    This camcorder works great otherwise, I hate to trash it because of a
    stupid little broken wire.

    Info on the camera are as follows:

    JVC Model GR-AX1010U
    Serial # 15120524
    Inside the case is what I am guessing is a "chassis" number
    the only number on the part itself is: PEWR0775

    I can email a photo of the part if that helps.
    Thanks for any pointers to possible sources.
  2. WEBPA

    WEBPA Guest

    Hi all,
    You would probably be smarter to replace the flex cable with a fabricated one.
    Find an old mouse cable...strip the wires out of it. Solder the new wire to the
    stubs of the flexcable and route appropriately. Done this several times on
    pieces of my own equipment.

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